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A dead (human) body.

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 6+girls absurdres aqua_eyes black_choker blue_hair blue_neckerchief blue_sailor_collar blue_skirt blunt_bangs bob_cut breasts chair chibikki choker closed_mouth collared_shirt commentary corpse death dot_mouth dress_shirt english_commentary full_body highres holding holding_rope imminent_death imminent_suicide kneehighs knees_up lying multiple_girls multiple_persona nanako_(chibikki) neckerchief no_shoes noose on_chair on_stomach original pile_of_corpses pink_rope pixel_art pleated_skirt rope sailor_collar school_uniform serafuku shirt short_hair short_sleeves simple_background single_loose_sock sitting skirt small_breasts socks solo_focus standing standing_on_chair suicide white_background white_shirt white_socks
 1boy absurdres black_hair braid closed_eyes corpse dark flower genshin_impact green_hat hat highres hugging_object male_focus nezu_(se_aroe) open_mouth skeleton solo venti_(genshin_impact)
 1girl black_hair blood blue_one-piece_swimsuit blush breasts btw_mikami collarbone corpse covered_navel death decapitation eyepatch grey_eyes guro holding holding_sword holding_weapon large_breasts long_hair one-piece_swimsuit open_mouth ponytail sakamoto_mio simple_background solo strike_witches swimsuit sword weapon white_background world_witches_series
 1girl bathroom bathtub black_shirt blonde_hair blood blood_drip blood_on_face blood_stain broom chinese_commentary closed_mouth collared_shirt commentary_request corpse cowboy_shot doorway expressionless eyelashes faucet holding holding_broom horror_(theme) indoors layered_shirt long_hair long_sleeves neckerchief original pink_eyes pink_neckerchief pink_skirt pleated_skirt sailor_collar school_uniform serafuku shirt skirt solo straight-on tile_wall tiles turtleneck turtleneck_shirt very_long_hair water wavy_hair white_sailor_collar white_shirt xingxunyou
 1boy 1other absurdres baseball_bat coat corpse dead_rabbits_(identity)_(project_moon) death full_body hand_in_pocket highres holding holding_baseball_bat limbus_company long_sleeves meursault_(project_moon) nacaji nail nail_bat orange_background pants project_moon shoes standing
1boy 3girls absurdres beret black_hair black_serafuku blood blue_archive corpse hat highres justice_task_force_member_(blue_archive) long_hair male_sensei_(blue_archive) mitsuse_(mo_0807) multiple_girls school_uniform serafuku simple_background white_background

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