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The act of applying a gag to someone

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abuse ahegao anal anus bad_tag blush body_slam cheek_press completely_nude crying crying_with_eyes_open cum cum_in_ass different_angles drooling extreme extreme_spread extreme_strength feet fellatio femboy_focus flat_chest forced forced_drinking forced_to_creampie full_body gagging gaped gaping gaping_anus grabbing_another's_ass grabbing_from_behind hairy_man hairy_stomach hairy_testicles helpless humiliation irrumatio manhandling messy_hair moaning multiple_boys multiple_penetration multiple_views muscular muscular_male nude oral petite petite_body petite_female pubic_hair ragdoll rape rapelay rough_sex shy sketch skinny small_penis soles soles_together spitroast strongman_waist submission tears tears_from_one_eye transgender transsexual trap
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