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Tag type: General

A penis of clearly extraordinary length and width, but not as long as the person it is attached to is tall. A penis that is extremely large compared to the character’s overall proportions. Generally, any penis longer and/or wider than the character's lower arm falls under this category. A monster with a huge penis could fall in the category of tentacles. Due to the nature of porn, almost every penis is a large_penis, and for that reason, large_penis is a fairly unpopular tag, with maybe a tenth as many exemplars as huge_penis. When penetrating an anus or a vagina, the result is large_penetration. Uses the standard five_size_ladder: Smaller than: gigantic_penis Larger than: no_penis, little_penis, medium_penis, and large_penis

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 1boy 1girl absurdres anal ass ass_focus bikini blue_archive bunalonne clothing_aside emotionless_sex from_behind from_below grey_eyes hairband highres huge_ass huge_penis leg_up long_hair panties panties_aside penis plana_(blue_archive) skirt source_request swimsuit tagme thong underwear white_bikini white_hair
 1boy 1girl black_hair black_nails bunalonne english_text flower green_eyes hair_between_eyes handjob heart heart-shaped_pupils huge_penis kagami-n_(vitaneeta) lipstick_mark nail_polish original outdoors penis ponytail symbol-shaped_pupils tagme uncensored watermark
 1futa ahegao animated armpits arms_behind_head artificial_vagina bdsm blunt_bangs bound bound_arms bound_legs breasts cross-section cum cum_in_pussy cum_in_self cum_overflow fertilization full-package_futanari futanari futasub huge_penis huge_testicles impregnation jadf jadf-tan lineart long_hair milking_machine monochrome nipples object_insertion open_mouth original ovum penis penis_milking pumping restrained self_impregnation sex_machine sex_toy small_breasts solo sperm_cell spread_legs tagme testicles thighhighs tube urethral_insertion vaginal vaginal_object_insertion video
 1girl bat_wings breasts colored_shadow curvy erection eyelashes eyeshadow furry half-closed_eyes highres hmiokun huge_breasts huge_penis kneeling large_nipples long_ears looking_up makeup meme miiverse_yeah!_(meme) penis precum rouge_the_bat shadow short_hair sonic_(series) speech_bubble tail testicles thick_thighs thighs uncensored white_background wide_hips wings
 1boy 1girl 1horse american_flag american_flag_print animal_penis armpits bestiality bikini blonde_hair breasts brown_eyes chamchami cleft_of_venus fairy_tail flag_print horse horse_penis horseshoe_tattoo huge_breasts huge_penis lucy_heartfilia micro_bikini nipples open_clothes penis pussy short_hair sweat swimsuit tattoo thick_thighs thighs twintails uncensored wide_hips
 1boy 1girl alternate_costume barbell_piercing black_bracelet black_eyeshadow black_lips black_nails black_shirt blonde_hair blue_eyes blurry blurry_background bowser bracelet breasts clothes_lift collar commentary crown dated depth_of_field earrings english_commentary eyeshadow fingernails goth_fashion half-closed_eyes handjob heart heart-shaped_pupils hetero highres huge_penis indoors interspecies jewelry lipstick lipstick_mark lipstick_mark_on_penis long_hair looking_at_viewer makeup mario_(series) medium_breasts nail_polish nintendo nipple_piercing nipples oral parted_lips penis penis_awe piercing pov precum princess_peach randomboobguy shirt shirt_lift short_sleeves sphere_earrings spiked_bracelet spiked_collar spikes symbol-shaped_pupils uncensored veins veiny_penis

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