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シトロン Shitoron

Citron (Pokemon) @ Pokemon_XY

Citron is the Electric-type Gym_Leader of the fifth Gym in Unova, Lumiose City. His main Pokémon is Heliolisk. His assistant is his little sister, Eureka_(Pokemon).

A boy genius and famous inventor credited as the creator of the Player Search System (PSS) and Super Training. Despite his fame, he apparently has made plenty of failures, as well...

Citron (Pokemon) @ Pokemon_(anime)

Variation of Citron from Pokemon_(anime).

Currently traveling with Satoshi_(Pokemon) (Ash) in the Kalos region. After losing his gym and Pokémon to "Citroid", a malfunctioning robot of his own creation, Citron and his sister, Eureka, help Satoshi calm a berserk Garchomp rampaging through the city. Soon after traveling together, Citron becomes inspired by Satoshi's courage, and confronts his mistakes, defeating the robot in an exhibition match. After reprogramming the robot, Citron leaves the gym under the care of Citroid and his father, Limone, while he continues to travel with his new friends.

Has a seemingly endless amount of inventions stored in his "Citronic Gear" backpack, which never fails to impress Satoshi. These inventions, however, almost always explode.

Citron's Pokémons

Pokemon XY

* Emolga
* MagnetonMagnezone
* Heliolisk


* Bunnelby
* Dedenne (in Eureka's stead)
* Chespin
* (Shinx) → LuxioLuxray
* At home
** Magnemite
** Magneton
** (Helioptile) → Heliolisk

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