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ユリーカ Yuriika

* Eureka (Pokemon) @ Pokemon_XY

** Minor female character from Pokemon's Pokemon_XY. She is the little sister and assistant of Citron_(Pokemon). She can assess how well the player has bonded with their Pokémon in Pokémon-Amie.

* Eureka (Pokemon) @ Pokemon_(anime)

** Variation of Eureka from Pokemon_(anime).
** Currently traveling with Satoshi_(Pokemon) (Ash) in the Kalos region. An energetic and cheerful blonde, little girl who eagerly looks forward to the day she can become a Pokémon Trainer. This led her to ask her brother, Citron, to let her "keep" the Dedenne that had been following them since they left Lumiose City.
** For some reason, she is also looking for a bride for her big brother. She will often ask young women if they will marry him, embarrassing Citron to no end.

Eureka's Pokémons (anime)

* Dedenne (officially Clemont's (Citron's))

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