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Art works drawn predominantly in one or two colors. Some tags like manga and doujinshi are in most cases monochrome, but there is no implication because some can have color. If the image has a range of colors but appears grayed out or washed out, see muted_color and pale_color.

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 1boy 1girl arima_kana beret black_headwear black_shirt black_skirt blush bob_cut closed_mouth greyscale hat hoshino_aquamarine hug hug_from_behind inverted_bob monochrome open_mouth oshi_no_ko ribbon risdelusions shirt short_hair simple_background skirt solo upper_body white_background
 1girl absurdres chiroru_(cheese-roll) commentary english_commentary greyscale hata_no_kokoro highres long_hair mask monochrome plaid plaid_shirt shirt simple_background skirt solo touhou very_long_hair
 2020 anus ass bent_over female_focus lum monochrome presenting pussy solo suwafro traditional_media urusei_yatsura
 1boy 2girls asashio_(kancolle) asashio_kai_ni_(kancolle) ass_grab bent_over clothed_sex commentary_request doggystyle greyscale hetero highres kantai_collection kasumi_(kancolle) kasumi_kai_ni_(kancolle) long_hair monochrome multiple_girls penis sex sex_from_behind shaded_face short_sleeves side_ponytail skirt soubi suspenders sweat tears torso_grab translation_request walk-in
 2boys absurdres artist_request closed_eyes commentary_request ensemble_stars! facing_another fingernails greyscale highres lapels long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_another male_focus monochrome morisawa_chiaki multiple_boys notched_lapels shinkai_kanata short_hair tears upper_body white_background yaoi
 1boy 3girls adaman_(pokemon) akari_(pokemon) ancestor_and_descendant cellphone cellphone_picture cocoa_s3 creatures_(company) dawn_(pokemon) game_freak highres holding holding_phone monochrome multiple_girls nintendo perrin_(pokemon) phone pokemon pokemon_(game) pokemon_dppt pokemon_legends:_arceus pokemon_sv related smartphone translation_request

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