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Microblogging website which enables users to post messages 280 characters long (previously 140 characters), no matter what language they're in.

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 2girls absurdres black_headwear brown_hair character_request closed_eyes dark-skinned_female dark_skin english_text gloves highres indie_virtual_youtuber meme multiple_girls red_gloves red_scarf scarf tama_gotoh twitter virtual_youtuber white_hair yoruny
1girl ass bow_(bhp) breasts butt_crack huge_breasts original panties solo thighhighs twitter underwear wet wet_clothes
 1boy :o brown_eyes brown_hair collared_shirt commentary creatures_(company) florian_(pokemon) game_freak gazing_eye gen_4_pokemon hand_up hat highres holding holding_phone iono_(pokemon) looking_down male_focus necktie nintendo open_mouth orange_necktie phone pokemon pokemon_sv rotom rotom_phone school_uniform shirt short_hair speech_bubble translation_request twitter white_headwear white_shirt
 1girl blue_archive delinquent greyscale monochrome neru_(blue_archive) parody punching school_uniform shirt short_hair solo sukeban twitter twoj upper_body white_shirt
 1boy 1girl blue_archive dress halo japanese_text long_hair looking_at_viewer mika_(blue_archive) pink_hair pink_halo twitter white_dress yellow_eyes
 1girl aru_(blue_archive) blue_archive dress_shirt food gundam gundam_tekketsu_no_orphans halo index_finger_raised jacekt lying noodles pink_hair ramen shirt solo twitter twoj white_shirt

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