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The mouth being open, not closed.

Only use when sufficiently open to (theoretically) see inside.

The opposite of this is closed_mouth.

See also:

- ahegao
- cum_in_mouth
- tongue
- uvula
- :o


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1boy 1girl 2koma :d blush breast_press breasts brown_hair censored closed_eyes collarbone comic completely_nude covering_own_mouth erection feet_out_of_frame furrowed_brow hand_over_own_mouth hands_up head_on_pillow hetero imminent_penetration indoors large_areolae large_breasts large_nipples leg_grab looking_at_penis lying m_legs missionary mosaic_censoring navel nipples nose_blush nude on_back on_bed onikokko open_mouth original penis pillow pillow_grab pink_eyes pov pussy sex short_hair smile speech_bubble spread_legs steam sweat talking vaginal
 1girl absurdres air_bubble asphyxiation bubble closed_eyes commentary_request drowning full_body green_theme highres monochrome murasa_minamitsu navel open_mouth piaki sailor_collar sailor_shirt shirt short_hair shorts solo submerged touhou underwater upside-down
 2boys bag belt black_bag black_belt black_eyes black_footwear black_hair black_shorts blanket brown_hair cellphone character_request closed_mouth couch denim denim_shorts duffel_bag feet_out_of_frame foot_out_of_frame grey_pants handheld_game_console highres holding holding_handheld_game_console holding_phone indoors jeans light_frown lips living_room looking_at_another looking_at_object male_focus multiple_boys nintendo_switch ohno_satoshi on_couch open_mouth pants phone pillow playing_games real_life shirt short_hair short_sleeves shorts sitting sitting_on_lap sitting_on_person slippers smartphone sweatdrop t-shirt teeth unworn_slippers upper_teeth_only v-neck white_shirt white_sleeves yellow_shirt yellow_sleeves ykyohi
 1girl animal_ears black_bow black_footwear blush bow braid cat_ears cat_girl cat_tail commentary_request extra_ears fang foot_out_of_frame frilled_shirt frilled_skirt frills green_shirt green_skirt hair_bow juliet_sleeves kaenbyou_rin long_hair long_sleeves luke_(kyeftss) medium_bangs mouse_(animal) multiple_tails notice_lines open_mouth orange_eyes orange_hair paw_pose puffy_sleeves running shirt shoe_loss simple_background skirt skirt_set smile solo tail touhou twin_braids two_tails white_background
 1girl :d blue_hat blue_skirt cloud cowboy_shot day dokibird_(vtuber) fingerless_gloves gloves green_eyes grey_jacket hat highres holding holding_trophy indie_virtual_youtuber jacket long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_viewer monoupa open_mouth outdoors skirt smile solo tomato trophy twintails virtual_youtuber
 1girl black_hat blush bow cake candle close-up colored_eyelashes commentary doge_(jkdoge) eyebrows_hidden_by_hair eyelashes food frilled_shirt_collar frills green_eyes green_hair hair_between_eyes hands_up happy hat hat_ribbon heart heart-shaped_pupils heart_of_string heart_print highres komeiji_koishi looking_at_viewer medium_hair open_mouth own_hands_together pink_bow ribbon shirt simple_background smile solo straight_hair symbol-shaped_pupils third_eye touhou white_background yellow_ribbon yellow_shirt

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