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Tag type: General

When a female's facial features (mainly eyes) don't appear, either covered by hair or shadowed by determinate angles; or rather, they don't exist at all.

Note that this tag does not apply if someone's face isn't drawn because the subject's head isn't in-frame to begin with. For instance, this tag would not apply to a pov image that displayed part of the viewer's own body.

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 1girl black_hair black_serafuku black_skirt bob_cut colored_skin commentary_request door dutch_angle faceless faceless_female fluorescent_lamp from_behind highres indoors kako_ni_torawareteiru_(tuyu) leaning_forward leaning_on_object long_sleeves looking_at_mirror magotsuki_(hurray) mirror official_art pleated_skirt poster_(object) production_art restroom sailor_collar school_uniform screentones screw serafuku shadow short_hair sink skirt standing sunlight tape tile_wall tiles toilet_stall tuyu_(band) wall_lamp white_sailor_collar white_skin window
 1girl :| absurdres arm_up black_hair blue_eyes bus closed_mouth commentary_request dark expressionless faceless faceless_female faceless_male grey_shirt hand_on_glass highres kyano_(kyanora3141) long_sleeves medium_hair motor_vehicle no_nose open_clothes open_shirt original pink_shirt rain shirt sitting solo_focus upper_body vehicle_interior
 2girls absurdres anus ass blush breasts brown_hair cleavage completely_nude faceless faceless_female feet female_pubic_hair fingering fire_emblem fire_emblem_engage grey_background highres lips long_hair medium_breasts multiple_girls multiple_views navel nintendo nipples nude open_mouth pointing pointing_at_self polka_dot polka_dot_background pubic_hair pussy red_eyes red_hair sakuramotikun simple_background small_breasts soles speech_bubble star_tattoo sweat tattoo teeth toes translation_request upper_teeth_only yunaka_(fire_emblem) yuri
 1boy 4girls absurdres animal animal_ears back bare_shoulders blunt_bangs braid cherry_blossoms chiyo_(genshin_impact) closed_mouth earrings faceless faceless_female faceless_male falling_petals friends from_behind from_side genshin_impact hair_between_eyes hair_flowing_over hair_ornament hair_ribbon hand_up highres holding holding_animal holding_polearm holding_umbrella holding_weapon japanese_clothes jewelry kitsune_saiguu light_smile long_hair looking_to_the_side makoto_(genshin_impact) mitsudomoe_(shape) mole mole_under_eye multiple_girls off_shoulder oil-paper_umbrella outdoors parted_lips petals polearm purple_eyes purple_hair purple_ribbon raiden_shogun reflection ribbon ripples sasayuri_(genshin_impact) short_hair siblings single_braid sisters smoke_trail standing tomoe_(symbol) twins umbrella water weapon weibo_tang white_hair yae_miko yae_miko_(fox) yellow_eyes
 6+girls ako_(blue_archive) armband binoculars black_hair black_hat black_jacket black_necktie blue_archive blue_hair blue_jacket blunt_bangs blunt_ends bob_cut breasts building bulletproof_vest city clich51368861 clone closed_mouth collared_shirt commentary_request dark-skinned_female dark_skin expressionless faceless faceless_female gehenna_student_(blue_archive) grey_hair hair_over_one_eye halo hat highres inverted_bob iori_(blue_archive) jacket jin-roh kerberos_saga long_hair multiple_girls necktie night on_vehicle open_clothes open_jacket open_mouth outdoors parody police police_hat police_uniform policewoman prefect_team_member_(blue_archive) red_armband red_necktie riding scene_reference shirt short_hair sideboob sideless_shirt sideways_hat standing twintails uniform white_shirt
 6+girls angel's_24_uniform_(blue_archive) animal_ear_hairband animal_ear_headwear animal_ears apron bird black_hair black_ribbon blonde_hair blue_apron blue_archive clich51368861 coat commentary convenience_store day delinquent faceless faceless_female fake_animal_ears fake_video grand_theft_auto grand_theft_auto_vi gun hairband halo helmet highres holding holding_gun holding_weapon indoors long_hair mascot_costume medium_hair miyu_(blue_archive) multiple_girls neck_ribbon nervous open_clothes open_coat open_mouth parody peroro_(blue_archive) purple_hair rabbit_ear_hairband rabbit_ears ribbon rifle saki_(blue_archive) scene_reference shelf shirt shop short_hair short_sleeves sora_(blue_archive) sukeban_(mg)_(blue_archive) sukeban_(smg)_(blue_archive) sukeban_(sr)_(blue_archive) timestamp two_side_up weapon white_shirt

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