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Tag type: General

The most common use for an X-shaped hair_ornament appears to be to clip together either a part of one's fringe or a sidelock.

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 2girls bare_tree belt black_belt black_coat black_hair black_jacket blue_eyes blush bow cellphone closed_mouth coat down_jacket enpera flower gift grey_hair hair_ornament hair_wings heart hiding highres holding holding_gift holding_phone hololive jacket kabosu_(anna_neji) long_sleeves looking_at_viewer medium_hair multicolored_hair multiple_girls outdoors parted_lips phone pink_hair plaid plaid_scarf purple_scarf red_eyes red_flower red_nails red_scarf sakamata_chloe scarf shirt short_hair smartphone snowing streaked_hair takane_lui tree two-tone_hair upper_body valentine white_bow white_shirt winter_clothes winter_coat x_hair_ornament
 1girl azur_lane bear black_cape black_dress black_footwear black_gloves black_thighhighs boots breasts cannon cape character_name copyright_name copyright_notice dress eyepatch fur-trimmed_cape fur_trim gloves hair_ornament high_heel_boots high_heels highres holding holding_sword holding_weapon kirov_(azur_lane) kirov_(meta)_(azur_lane) long_hair medium_breasts off_shoulder official_art rigging second-party_source solo sword thighhighs torn_cape torn_clothes translation_request weapon white_hair x_hair_ornament
 2girls :d absurdres animal_ears au_ra black_bow black_bowtie black_dress blue_eyes blue_sky blush bow bowtie cake candle cat_ears cat_girl center_frills closed_mouth cloud collared_shirt commission confetti dragon_girl dragon_horns dress final_fantasy final_fantasy_xiv food frills hair_ornament hair_ribbon hairclip heart highres holding holding_another's_arm holding_tray horns leaf long_hair looking_at_viewer maid maid_headdress miqo'te multiple_girls open_mouth pink_dress pink_hair puffy_short_sleeves puffy_sleeves purple_eyes red_ribbon ribbon shirt short_sleeves sky smile teeth tray upper_body upper_teeth_only weibo_logo weibo_username white_shirt x_hair_ornament xiao_xiong_keke_aoi
 1girl :d animal_ears animal_hat bare_shoulders black_collar blonde_hair blue_hair blue_nails blush bouquet brown_hair collar commentary_request commission copyright_request diagonal_stripes dress fake_animal_ears flower hair_ornament hand_up hat hugging_object jacket kou_hiyoyo long_hair long_sleeves multicolored_hair nail_polish off_shoulder open_clothes open_jacket open_mouth pennant puffy_long_sleeves puffy_sleeves purple_jacket red_eyes red_flower red_rose rose skeb_commission sleeveless sleeveless_dress sleeves_past_wrists smile solo streaked_hair string_of_flags striped striped_background translation_request two-tone_hair v very_long_hair virtual_youtuber white_background white_dress white_flower white_headwear white_rose x_hair_ornament yellow_flower yellow_rose
 1girl absurdres apricot_the_lich arm_behind_head artist_name bikini black_choker black_hairband black_skirt black_thighhighs breasts cellphone chain choker cleavage closed_mouth clothes_in_mouth colored_inner_hair demon_girl demon_horns demon_wings discord_username ear_piercing fingernails green_eyes green_hair grey_hair hair_ornament hairband highres holding holding_phone horns iphone jewelry large_breasts long_fingernails multicolored_hair multiple_horns navel o-ring o-ring_choker o-ring_legwear_garter parted_bangs pencil_skirt phone piercing pointy_ears purple_bikini purple_horns purple_nails purple_skirt purple_wings reimundpurr sidelocks simple_background skirt smartphone smile solo sparkle standing streaked_hair swimsuit taking_picture thighhighs virtual_youtuber vshojo wings x_hair_ornament
 1girl absurdres ahoge black_corset black_ribbon black_skirt blouse character_doll character_request chinese_commentary collar commentary corset dangle_earrings doll earrings flower_earrings frilled_collar frills hair_ornament hairclip hand_on_own_knee highres holding holding_doll ivy jewelry juliet_sleeves leaf long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_viewer mole mole_under_eye neck_ribbon pale_skin parted_lips path_to_nowhere plant puffy_sleeves purple_eyes ribbon shirt short_sleeves sitting skirt solo swept_bangs tree very_long_hair white_hair white_shirt window windowsill x_hair_ornament zhongyuanqing

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