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洩矢 諏訪子 (もりや すわこ)

The "Epitome of Native Gods".

Extra Stage boss of Touhou's Mountain_of_Faith and later a playable character in Touhou_Hisoutensoku.

Mountain goddess and original patron deity of the Moriya Shrine before losing it to Yasaka_Kanako, but has remained a fixture in the shrine. She has the power to create earth. Direct ancestor of the shrine's miko, Kochiya_Sanae. Suwako joined Sanae and Kanako upon moving into Gensoukyou, although she is less troubled by the waning faith of people from the outside world than the latter two.

"Suwako is a god that takes the form of a frog". Her dress, her move in Hisoutensoku, and fanarts heavily depict this fact. This led to Kanako adopting snakes as her motif, symbolizing her victory over Suwako.

Her hat has almost become an entity of its own in fanarts, due to the imposing, leering eyes on top of it.

See also:

* Pyonta - Suwako's hat.
* Moriya's_Iron_Rings - Suwako's weapon
* Mishaguji - Suwako's underlings


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