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 1boy anger_vein angry ass black_bodysuit blue_background blush bodysuit bomber_jacket cameltoe chinese_text cropped_legs cuntboy earrings from_below full_body green_hair highres holding holding_sword holding_weapon jacket jewelry k_zaooo male_focus multiple_views one_piece roronoa_zoro short_hair sideburns simple_background single_earring skin_tight solo sword translation_request triple_wielding weapon
 2boys absurdres bara bare_pectorals blush clothed_sex cuntboy cuntboy_with_male facial_hair greyscale hand_tattoo highres imminent_penetration imminent_vaginal japanese_clothes kimono lying male_focus monochrome multiple_boys naked_kimono nipples niratama_10 on_back one_piece pectorals profile pussy roronoa_zoro scar scar_across_eye short_hair sideburns_stubble spread_legs stubble tattoo toned toned_male trafalgar_law yaoi
 1boy 9s_(nier:automata) animal_ears ass backless_leotard bottle cameltoe clothing_cutout commentary_request cropped_jacket crossdressing cuntboy from_behind greyscale highres leotard male_focus male_playboy_bunny monochrome nier:automata nier_(series) profile rabbit_boy rabbit_ears rabbit_tail revealing_clothes shiny_clothes short_hair short_shorts shorts skindentation smile solo standing sweatdrop tail tarakoutibiru thigh_gap thigh_strap translation_request trap twitter_username white_background white_hair
 3boys blush bottomless chest_tattoo cunnilingus cuntboy cuntboy_with_male english_text facial_hair finger_tattoo fingering goatee grin groping group_sex hand_tattoo hat heart highres long_sideburns multiple_boys nipples one_piece oral penguin_(one_piece) percivore piercing pussy shachi_(one_piece) short_hair sideburns smile spread_legs sweat tattoo threesome trafalgar_law uncensored yaoi
 3boys arm_tattoo black_hair blonde_hair blush chest_tattoo clitoral_stimulation cuntboy cuntboy_with_male earrings eustass_kid facial_hair finger_sucking goatee group_sex hand_tattoo highres jewelry killer_(one_piece) mmm_threesome multiple_boys muscular muscular_male nipples nude one_piece open_mouth pectorals penis percivore pussy red_hair short_hair shoulder_tattoo smile spread_legs tattoo threesome trafalgar_law vaginal yaoi
 2boys anus arm_tattoo ass back_tattoo blush bulge caught chest_tattoo clitoris completely_nude cuntboy dildo dildo_riding earrings english_text erection erection_under_clothes facial_hair full-face_blush goatee hand_tattoo highres jewelry looking_at_another male_focus monochrome multiple_boys muscular muscular_male nipples nude object_insertion one_eye_closed one_piece open_mouth percivore pussy pussy_juice sex_toy short_hair shoulder_tattoo spread_legs tattoo trafalgar_law vaginal vaginal_object_insertion x_drake yaoi

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