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An ear piercing that is not through the earlobe.

For traditional lobe piercings, see earrings.

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 ^^^ absurdres age_difference ass banknote ben_10 blue_shirt bottomless ear_piercing feet_out_of_frame from_above from_behind green_eyes gwen_tennyson hair_ornament hairclip highres holding holding_money looking_at_viewer looking_back money orange_hair piercing ponpu_(pumpkinsinclair) prone_bone raglan_sleeves sex sex_from_behind shirt short_hair shoulder_blades spread_legs sweat thighs wide_spread_legs
 1boy 1girl alternate_costume asymmetrical_bangs bare_shoulders belt between_legs black_choker black_hair black_panties black_shirt black_shorts black_tank_top black_thighhighs blush breasts brown_eyes choker cleavage collarbone commentary ear_piercing elbow_gloves english_commentary faceless faceless_male fang gloves grabbing_another's_arm grey_gloves hair_ornament hairclip hand_between_legs hand_on_another's_neck heart highleg highleg_panties highres holding holding_leash ijiranaide_nagatoro-san jewelry leash long_hair looking_at_viewer nagatoro_hayase navel necklace one-piece_tan panties pants panty_straps parted_lips piercing ring shirt short_shorts shorts single_glove sitting small_breasts smile stomach tan tank_top tanline tattoo thighhighs ti_keep underwear white_pants
 1girl animal animal_on_shoulder bandaid bandaid_on_arm black_choker black_skirt black_tank_top blunt_bangs choker collarbone commentary cowboy_shot dated_commentary ear_piercing english_commentary eyelashes green_jacket green_shirt green_sleeves grey_eyes halo hong_(hong11117) indoors jacket jacket_partially_removed long_sleeves multiple_piercings night orange-tinted_eyewear original palm_tree parted_lips piercing pink_lips poster_(object) round_eyewear salamander shirt short_hair skirt sleeveless sleeveless_shirt solo sunglasses tank_top teeth tinted_eyewear tree white_hair white_halo window
 1girl absurdres ass black_thighhighs blue_eyes breasts can contrapposto ear_piercing energy_drink frilled_panties frills hand_on_own_ass highres holding holding_can hololive hololive_english honkivampy large_breasts long_hair monster_energy open_mouth ouro_kronii panties piercing shirt striped_clothes striped_thighhighs t-shirt thighhighs thighs underboob underwear virtual_youtuber white_panties white_shirt
 2boys 961_masashi blanket blonde_hair blue_sweater closed_eyes ear_piercing given hair_between_eyes heart heart_background kaji_akihiko kiss kiss_from_behind male_focus multiple_boys nakayama_haruki piercing sound_effects speech_bubble sweatdrop sweater upper_body white_background yaoi
 2boys absurdres animal_print arm_hair arm_tattoo artist_name bara beard blue_background borrowed_character chibi cowboy_shot ear_piercing enri_(ceinordraws) facial_hair fish_print gradient_background grey_hair highres male_focus motion_lines multiple_boys mustache orange_hair original pants piercing portuguese_commentary red_headwear red_shorts sailor_collar sailor_shirt shirt shorts signature tank_top tattoo white_headwear white_pants white_shirt white_tank_top

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