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Tag type: General

Indicates that text is a major part of the image.

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Tag_group:Text, for more text & language sub-tags.

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 ... 1boy 2girls air_conditioner between_legs black_choker black_hair black_pants black_skirt black_socks breasts brown_eyes brown_hair brown_shirt caught cellphone choker clock computer computer_keyboard computer_mouse computer_tower cup door drinking_glass drinking_straw exhibitionism female_focus female_masturbation female_orgasm female_pervert hand_between_legs headphones highres hiyama_yuki_(tori) hood hoodie internet_cafe loli looking_at_another lying masturbation masturbation_through_clothes monitor multiple_girls navel nude on_back orgasm original pants pervert phone pleated_skirt pornography public_indecency pussy_juice pussy_juice_drip pussy_juice_puddle shaking shirt short_hair sitting skirt small_breasts smartphone socks spread_legs standing surprised sweat text_focus third-party_edit tissue_box tori_(eherotori) translated used_tissue very_short_hair white_hoodie
1girl aged_down baby baby_on_board diaper gakuen_idolmaster idolmaster long_hair lowres ryosesanzui silhouette solo text_focus translated tsukimura_temari yellow_theme
 black_background danganronpa_(series) danganronpa_v3:_killing_harmony no_humans simple_background spot_color suiren_yurei text-only_page text_focus translation_request
 animal animal_focus black_border black_skin border colored_skin commentary eel english_commentary english_text film_grain footnote googly_eyes green_background grey_border hatching_(texture) highres inset_border looking_at_viewer monochrome muted_color no_humans original pool poolside quezify striped_border text_focus water white_border white_eyes
 1boy 1girl ass breasts censored dark-skinned_male dark_skin female_pubic_hair heart huge_breasts japanese_text licking long_hair mosaic_censoring nipples oral original panties penis pubic_hair saintshiro text_focus translation_request underwear white_hair
 absurdres aji_(sagi_45) greyscale highres korean_commentary monochrome no_humans saibou_shinkyoku tagme text-only_page text_focus translation_request

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