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Simplified Chinese: 碧蓝航线 (bilan hangxian)
Traditional Chinese: 碧藍航線 (bilan hangxian)
Japanese: アズールレーン (Azur Lane)
English: Azur Lane
Korean: 벽람항로

Chinese shipgirl smartphone game by bilibili_douga bilibili.

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 1girl azur_lane bare_shoulders between_breasts black_dress blush breasts cleavage dress earrings formidable_(azur_lane) frilled_dress frills grey_hair hair_ribbon huge_breasts jewelry large_breasts long_hair looking_at_viewer marker_(medium) red_eyes ribbon simple_background solo traditional_media twintails two-tone_dress two-tone_ribbon underwear very_long_hair yatarouten
 1girl aerial_fireworks alternate_costume azur_lane blush bow brown_bow commentary crossed_bangs dark-skinned_female dark_skin facepaint fireworks floral_print_kimono from_behind green_sash grin hair_between_eyes hair_bow hair_ornament hairclip hand_fan high_ponytail highres holding holding_fan japanese_clothes kimono long_hair looking_at_viewer looking_back minneapolis_(azur_lane) murasaki_tsutsuji obi red_eyes red_kimono sash smile solo summer_festival upper_body white_hair yukata zipper_earrings
 1girl absurdres arm_garter azur_lane back backboob backless_dress backless_outfit bare_shoulders black_dress blue_eyes blush breasts dress expressionless from_behind hair_over_one_eye highres javelin_(a_different_dance)_(azur_lane) javelin_(azur_lane) long_hair looking_at_viewer looking_back medium_hair noshibukuro petite ponytail purple_hair sleeveless sleeveless_dress small_breasts solo standing thighs
 1girl absurdres azur_lane black_coat black_dress black_gloves blue_eyes blush bon_homme_richard_(azur_lane) character_name coat commentary_request commission dress from_above full_body fur-trimmed_coat fur_trim gloves grin hair_between_eyes hairband happy highres legs_apart long_hair looking_at_viewer looking_up masa_(masae50) open_clothes open_coat pixiv_commission smile solo standing thighhighs very_long_hair w white_hair
 1girl absurdres asagiri_rey azur_lane backless_leotard bare_shoulders black_leotard blue_eyes blush breasts checkered_floor commentary_request couch curly_hair from_side hairband hand_up highres indoors leotard lolita_hairband long_hair looking_at_viewer lying on_couch on_side pantyhose purple_hair small_breasts smile solo tashkent_(azur_lane) tashkent_(the_sprite's_snapshot)_(azur_lane) very_long_hair
 1girl absurdres ass azur_lane bar_soap black_choker blonde_hair blush breasts choker commentary_request completely_nude curry food hair_between_eyes highres huge_ass huge_breasts implacable_(azur_lane) implacable_(shepherd_of_the_"lost")_(azur_lane) jojo_xiuxian long_hair looking_at_another lying manjuu_(azur_lane) median_furrow mirror nail_polish narrow_waist nude on_floor red_eyes red_nails reflection solo steam steaming_body sweat tongue tongue_out top-down_bottom-up wet wide_hips

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