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A clasp or ornament having a pin at the back for passing through the clothing and a catch for securing the point of the pin.
Also, broach.

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 1girl ahoge arms_up blue_eyes blue_hair blue_headwear blush brooch closed_mouth furina_(genshin_impact) genshin_impact hat highres jewelry long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_viewer mitsukayurie shorts sitting smile socks solo thigh_strap thighs unworn_hat unworn_headwear white_shorts white_socks
 2boys 2girls aji_fry animal_ears blonde_hair blue_eyes blush bow brooch brown_hair closed_eyes commentary_request delicious_party_precure dog_ears double_v dress fox_ears hair_bow hair_ornament highres jewelry kome-kome_(precure) kome-kome_(precure)_(human) magical_girl mem-mem_(precure) mem-mem_(precure)_(human) multiple_boys multiple_girls open_mouth pam-pam_(precure) pam-pam_(precure)_(human) pink_hair precure purple_hair rosemary_(precure) smile tail twintails v
 1girl :d absurdres arm_up blue_eyes blue_nails blue_skirt brooch commentary_request cowboy_shot crop_top fake_horns genshin_impact highres horns jewelry long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_viewer midriff nail_polish navel nilou_(genshin_impact) open_mouth red_hair reia_hana skirt smile solo standing stomach thighlet thighs veil very_long_hair white_background
 angel_wing_uniform black_gloves blue_dress blue_hair blue_ribbon brooch coat commentary_request dress fingerless_gloves flat_chest galaxy_angel gloves jewelry kaigen_1025 mint_blancmanche neck_ribbon open_clothes open_coat open_mouth puffy_short_sleeves puffy_sleeves red_brooch ribbon short_hair short_sleeves smile spacecraft white_coat yellow_eyes
 1girl brooch closed_mouth commentary_request dress drill_hair drill_ponytail drill_sidelocks expressionless flat_chest galaxy_angel gold_trim green_hair highres jewelry juliet_sleeves kaigen_1025 long_hair long_sleeves normad pantyhose ponytail puffy_sleeves red_brooch red_eyes sidelocks sitting solo spacecraft vanilla_h white_dress white_footwear white_pantyhose
 2girls :d aqua_eyes bare_shoulders black_gloves blue_hair bodystocking breasts brooch commentary_request cosplay costume_switch crop_top detached_sleeves feet_out_of_frame ganyu_(genshin_impact) ganyu_(genshin_impact)_(cosplay) genshin_impact gloves hair_between_eyes highres horns jewelry large_breasts lightria long_hair medium_breasts midriff multiple_girls navel neck_ring nilou_(genshin_impact) nilou_(genshin_impact)_(cosplay) open_mouth purple_eyes red_hair sidelocks simple_background smile standing stomach thighs veil very_long_hair

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