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Sharp, pointy protrusions on a surface or object used for stabbing those who come too close to them. Mainly used for defense.

See also

* spiked_collar
* spiked_armlet
* spiked_bracelet
* spiked_hair

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1girl biker_clothes bikesuit blue_background blue_bodysuit bodysuit braid brown_hair clenched_teeth crown_braid hatidraw hatidraw knee_spikes niijima_makoto no_mask persona persona_5 red_eyes scar short_hair shoulder_spikes solo spiked_knuckles spikes teeth toned
 1boy 1girl ankoro_mochi arknights armor black_gloves blonde_hair blue_eyes brown_hair detached_sleeves dual_wielding fake_horns garter_straps gauntlets gloves grey_eyes highres holding horned_headwear horns kirin_(armor) kirin_r_yato_(arknights) long_hair long_sword midriff noir_corne_(arknights) pointy_ears rathalos_(armor) rathalos_s_noir_corne_(arknights) reverse_grip shoulder_spikes spikes thighhighs visor_(armor) white_background yato_(arknights)
 1girl 2021 adventurer_(ff11) armor artist_name black_armor blonde_hair breastplate commentary_request dark_knight_(final_fantasy) dated elf elvaan fake_horns final_fantasy final_fantasy_xi full_armor helmet highres holding holding_helmet horned_helmet horns morere multicolored_eyes open_mouth pink_lips pointy_ears rainbow_eyes short_hair shoulder_armor shoulder_spikes signature solo spiked_armor spikes twitter_username
absurdres baragon_(godzilla) blood breathing_fire character_name claw_mark claws destroy_all_monsters dinosaur drawmandude english_text fighting fire forest frankenstein frankenstein_vs._baragon giant giant_monster godzilla_(series) highres horns japanese_text kaijuu monster nasal_horn nature no_humans open_mouth red_eyes roaring sharp_teeth single_horn spikes tail teeth toho tongue tree varan varan_(film) yellow_eyes
 armor bowgun charge_blade claws cloud cloudy_sky from_behind gauntlets greatsword highres holding holding_weapon monster_hunter_(character) monster_hunter_(series) pengzhen_zhang rathalos_(armor) seregios seregios_(armor) sky spikes sword tagme tail tree weapon zinogre_(armor)
 1girl alear_(fire_emblem) alternate_breast_size babykatafan black_background blush breasts cleavage dress english_text fascinator female_focus fire_emblem fire_emblem_engage gloves heart heart-shaped_pupils ivy_(fire_emblem) large_breasts looking_at_viewer mole nintendo pov purple_eyes purple_hair solo spikes symbol-shaped_pupils tagme talking yandere

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