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A passageway in a building.

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 absurdres air_conditioner building cable english_text hallway highres ibsukionsen night no_humans original scenery shadow shop sliding_doors traditional_media window wire
 2girls 3boys absurdres ball black_gloves claws crystal_ball gloves hallway highres holding holding_ball interior jigoku_sensei_nube key_visual multiple_boys multiple_girls nueno_meisuke official_art pov pov_hands promotional_art school sliding_doors sunlight window
 anus arisu_kazumi ass bag blue_eyes blush bocchi_the_rock! censored cleft_of_venus clothes_pull gotoh_hitori hair_ornament hallway japanese_text long_hair open_mouth panties pants pants_pull panty_pull peeing peeing_in_bag pink_hair pink_track_suit plastic_bag public_indecency pussy skirt standing translation_request trembling underwear window
 3girls arisu_kazumi blush bocchi_the_rock! gotoh_hitori hair_ornament hallway japanese_text ladder multiple_girls open_mouth pink_hair school_uniform skirt standing stepladder translation_request trembling
 2girls akemi_homura antenna_hair black_bow black_hair black_hairband black_skirt black_socks bow bowtie braid card_(medium) ceiling_light closed_mouth collared_shirt cowboy_shot game_cg glasses grin hair_bow hairband hallway high_collar high_ponytail indoors juliet_sleeves kneehighs knees lace lace-trimmed_shirt lace-trimmed_sleeves lace_trim light_blush long_hair long_sleeves low_twin_braids magia_record:_mahou_shoujo_madoka_magica_gaiden mahou_shoujo_madoka_magica mahou_shoujo_madoka_magica_(anime) miniskirt mitakihara_school_uniform multiple_girls official_alternate_costume official_art one_eye_closed picture_frame pleated_skirt pocket puffy_sleeves purple_bow purple_eyes red-framed_eyewear red_bow red_bowtie red_eyes red_hair sakura_kyoko school school_uniform shirt skirt smile socks standing star_(symbol) studded_hairband studio_shaft tile_floor tiles translated twin_braids v very_long_hair window yellow_shirt
 1girl 6+boys :d absurdres aqua_eyes architecture balcony bandaged_neck bandages bangs_pinned_back bird_hair_ornament black_cape black_capelet black_dress black_gloves black_hair black_robe black_shirt blue_eyes bob_cut boneless_carp_(the_tale_of_food) brown_hair butterfly_hair_ornament cape capelet chest_tattoo chinese_clothes choko_(cup) choppy_bangs closed_mouth closed_umbrella confetti crossed_arms crossed_bangs cup curtained_hair dress east_asian_architecture female_master_(the_tale_of_food) glint gloves green_eyes green_hair grey_hair grin hair_between_eyes hair_ornament hallway hand_on_own_chin hanfu highres holding holding_cup holding_scroll holding_umbrella hood hood_up jacket jewelry lantern lianhua_blood_duck_(the_tale_of_food) long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_viewer low_ponytail male_focus male_master_(the_tale_of_food) medium_hair monocle moon_gate mugwort_riceball_(the_tale_of_food) multiple_boys necklace open_mouth paper_lantern parted_bangs parted_lips pinstripe_dress pinstripe_pattern plunging_neckline red_eyes robe scroll shirt short_hair shoulder_spikes shrug_(clothing) smile spikes spring_roll_(the_tale_of_food) standing taibai_duck_(the_tale_of_food) tangzhuang tassel tattoo teeth the_tale_of_food tree two_side_up umbrella upper_body upper_teeth_only white_gloves white_hair white_jacket white_robe white_shirt white_sleeves wide_sleeves wing_hair_ornament xmjg yellow_eyes yipin_pot_(the_tale_of_food)

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