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Tag type: General

Braided hair that hangs from a point on the back of one's head, much like a ponytail. If this is the only braid in one's hair, tag single_braid as well.

Do not use this tag along with ponytail. The ponytail tag is for loose, unbraided hair.

If the braid is worn to the side of the head, use the side_braid tag instead.

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 1girl absurdres alternate_costume animal_ears blue_coat blue_eyes blue_hat boots braid braided_ponytail breasts brown_hair coat commentary_request cropped_shirt ears_through_headwear full_body hair_between_eyes hat highres horse_ears horse_girl horse_tail knee_boots large_breasts long_hair long_sleeves midriff multicolored_hair navel nishiki_kazue open_clothes open_coat peaked_cap shirt simple_background skirt smile solo standing streaked_hair striped_clothes striped_shirt super_creek_(umamusume) tail umamusume vertical-striped_clothes vertical-striped_shirt very_long_hair white_background white_footwear white_hair white_skirt
 ... 1girl black_jacket black_necktie braid braided_ponytail chainsaw_man character_doll collared_shirt doll formal highres holding holding_doll jacket keibleh looking_at_object makima_(chainsaw_man) medium_hair necktie red_hair revision ringed_eyes shirt simple_background smile solo suit suit_jacket white_background white_shirt yellow_eyes
 1girl absurdres ass ass_focus black_panties black_thighhighs border braid braided_bangs braided_ponytail character_name copyright_name dress from_behind hair_over_one_eye highres jujutsu_kaisen lips long_hair looking_at_viewer looking_back mei_mei_(jujutsu_kaisen) morime open_mouth outdoors outside_border panties purple_dress purple_eyes red_lips sitting thick_thighs thighhighs thighs underwear white_border white_hair
 1boy armor azure_striker_gunvolt azure_striker_gunvolt_2 blonde_hair blue_coat blue_eyes braid braided_ponytail breastplate coat electricity gun gunvolt holding holding_gun holding_weapon lololotton long_hair looking_at_viewer outstretched_arm solo upper_body weapon
 1boy 1girl aether_(genshin_impact) ahoge bed bed_sheet black_hair blonde_hair blunt_bangs braid braided_ponytail breasts commentary english_commentary genshin_impact hime_cut holding holding_sheet indoors long_hair medium_breasts missionary nipples nude on_bed one_eye_closed orange_eyes pantyhose pillow ponytail purple_pantyhose sex thighhighs tongue tongue_out vaginal yun_jin_(genshin_impact) yuushiba
 1girl 1other belt black_footwear black_hair blush braid braided_ponytail brown_eyes button_eyes buttons chinese_clothes doll frilled_shirt frilled_shirt_collar frills green_pants green_ribbon green_skirt holding holding_doll holding_sewing_needle long_skirt long_sleeves musical_note neck_ribbon needle p-chan pants pig pincushion pink_background purple_belt ranma_1/2 ribbon saotome_ranma scarf sewing sewing_kit sewing_needle sewing_pin shirt short_hair sitting skirt spoken_musical_note tangzhuang tendou_akane thread tiger_stripes wanta_(futoshi) white_shirt yellow_scarf

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