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AKA: 战舰少女, 战舰少女R, 戰艦少女, 戦艦少女, 戦艦少女R, warshipgirls, 전함소녀 전함소녀R, Warshipgirls, Zhan Jian Shao Nyu, Zhan Jian Shaonu

Warship Girls R (战舰少女 Zhan Jian Shao Nyu) is a shipgirl-themed Chinese smartphone game.

Gameplay is similar to Kantai_Collection. However, unlike Kantai Collection, where most of the ships come from the Imperial_Japanese_Navy, Warship Girls R features ships from various navy forces around the world.


The game was initially released by Suzhou Paiqu Network Technology [1] for Android and iOS devices in September, 2014.

In July 2015 there was a split between the publisher of the game and its developer, MoeFantasy (幻萌), and from then on each company developed and released its own version of the game, which differed in available characters, interface design, etc.

On August 29th 2015 at ComiCon16, Shanghai, MoeFantasy revealed via trailer the development of Project R, a major overhaul of the game including new features, updated UI and a new animated combat system. This version was released in November the same year as client version 2.0 and was dubbed "战舰少女R" (Warship Girls R). The MoeFantasy version would become the main focus of all community efforts, from wikis to drop data libraries and fan works.

On June 23rd 2016 it was announced on the community's Baidu forum and later as official statements that a settlement had been reached between the two companies. SPNT shut down its servers on September in the same year.

On October 24th 2017 a Japanese-translated version and server released under the name "戦艦少女R", or Senkan Shoujo R.

On December 18th 2018 a global server and Korean server were officially released.


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