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Tag type: General

Denotes an instance of the hair being tied into drill_hair off to the side on a character.


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 1other 2girls 37_(reverse:1999) ancient_greek_clothes bare_shoulders bird black_cloak blue_eyes blue_hair blue_robe book cloak copyright_name drill_hair from_above full_body geometry gold_choker greco-roman_clothes green_eyes hair_bun hair_ornament hair_over_one_eye hand_up highres holding holding_pen hood hooded_cloak ikuta41 leaf_hair_ornament logo long_hair lying mini_person minigirl multiple_girls ocean off_shoulder on_back one_eye_closed open_book outstretched_arm parted_lips pen people pov pov_hands red_hair reverse:1999 robe seiza side_drill single_side_bun sitting sophia_(reverse:1999) toga triangle white_bird wide_sleeves
 1girl animal_ears black_dress black_thighhighs blonde_hair boots braid breasts cake candy cat_ears cat_girl cat_tail chocolate chocolate_heart cleavage closed_mouth commentary_request dress drill_hair ear_piercing final_fantasy final_fantasy_xiv food food_in_mouth hair_between_eyes haku_(sabosoda) heart highres holding holding_plate long_hair looking_at_viewer medium_breasts miqo'te mouth_hold nier:automata nier_(series) piercing plate pod_(nier:automata) red_eyes see-through see-through_cleavage side_drill smile solo sparkle tail thigh_boots thighhighs very_long_hair
 1girl aerith_gainsborough alternate_breast_size basket bow breasts brown_hair commentary_request cropped_jacket dress drill_hair final_fantasy final_fantasy_vii flower green_eyes hair_ribbon highres holding holding_basket jacket large_breasts long_hair looking_at_viewer pink_bow pink_dress pink_ribbon ponytail red_flower red_jacket ribbon sgk short_sleeves side_drill solo textless_version tri_drills upper_body white_flower yellow_flower
 1girl aerith_gainsborough alternate_breast_size artist_name belt blush bow braid braided_ponytail breasts brown_hair cleavage collarbone commentary_request cropped_jacket dress drill_hair eyelashes final_fantasy final_fantasy_vii forehead from_above green_eyes hair_intakes highres jacket jewelry large_breasts necklace open_clothes open_jacket parted_lips pink_bow pink_dress red_jacket sgk shiny_skin short_sleeves side_drill sidelocks signature simple_background solo tri_drills white_background
 1girl ab_(cat921) absurdres animal_ears ayla:_kaleido_(punishing:_gray_raven) bare_legs bare_shoulders black_overalls breasts cleavage drill_hair fake_animal_ears hairband highres joints large_breasts long_hair mechanical_arms overall_shorts overalls pink_hair punishing:_gray_raven rabbit_ears robot_joints side_drill skirt solo white_skirt
 1girl black_gloves blonde_hair breasts brown_hair cherry_blossoms chiori_(genshin_impact) closed_mouth commentary drill_hair earrings genshin_impact gloves hair_ornament hairpin hand_fan hand_up highres holding holding_fan japanese_clothes jewelry loikomax medium_breasts medium_hair multicolored_hair red_eyes side_drill solo stud_earrings two-tone_hair

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