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涙目 泣き顔

The tears that form in the eyes just before crying.
For tearing paper, clothing or other items, use ripping or torn.


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 2girls absurdres ahoge backlighting black_hair black_skirt blue_eyes blurry bokeh closed_mouth commentary commentary_request depth_of_field english_commentary eye_contact hair_between_eyes hands_on_another's_shoulders highres inami_hatoko indoors light_particles lone_nape_hair long_hair looking_at_another medium_hair mixed-language_commentary multiple_girls neckerchief original pleated_skirt red_eyes red_neckerchief sailor_collar school_uniform serafuku shirt short_sleeves skirt tearing_up tree twintails white_sailor_collar white_shirt window yuri
 2girls ? anime_girl_hiding_from_a_terminator_(meme) aura belt black_belt black_choker black_hair black_skirt black_sleeves black_sweater blue_eyes blue_hair brown_hair chair choker commentary dark_aura detached_sleeves emo_fashion english_commentary highres hololive hololive_english lace-trimmed_choker lace_trim long_hair meme multicolored_hair multiple_girls nanashi_mumei nanashi_mumei_(4th_costume) nightmare_(nanashi_mumei) office office_chair orobou ouro_kronii ouro_kronii_(1st_costume) red_sweater shirt short_hair skirt spiderchama streaked_hair sweater sweater_under_shirt swivel_chair tearing_up under_table virtual_youtuber white_hair white_shirt
 1boy 1girl absurdres andava artist_name asymmetrical_hair barefoot black_hair brown_eyes cum cum_in_mouth cum_in_nose dark-skinned_female dark_skin dreadlocks feet hand_on_another's_head hand_on_own_cheek hand_on_own_face highres interracial looking_at_viewer oral original penis pink_background pov pov_crotch pov_hands sitting soles tearing_up thighs toes uncensored veins veiny_penis wariza wide-eyed
 ! !! 1boy 2girls absurdres aged_down beret black_choker black_thighhighs blush braid braided_ponytail breasts chibi choker collarbone covered_erect_nipples cowgirl_position cum cumdrip deep_penetration drooling earrings ebora fate/grand_order fate_(series) girl_on_top grey_hair hair_ribbon hanging_legs hat heart heart_pasties height_difference hetero highres jewelry kama_(fate) kama_(first_ascension)_(fate) loli long_hair looking_down male_pubic_hair multiple_girls multiple_views navel nude open_mouth pasties penis pubic_hair purple_eyes purple_hair purple_headwear purple_thighhighs pussy red_eyes ribbon sex sex_from_behind short_hair sidelocks sion_eltnam_atlasia sion_eltnam_sokaris size_difference small_breasts spread_legs stomach_bulge straddling sweat tearing_up teeth thighhighs thighs tongue tongue_out upper_teeth_only vaginal very_long_hair white_hair
 1girl animal_ear_fluff animal_ears arata_(blue_archive) arched_bangs bar_censor bell black_choker blue_archive blush boots border breasts brown_footwear censored choker cleavage cleft_of_venus clenched_hands collarbone completely_nude dot_nose fang female_focus full_body hair_ornament halo hands_up highres jingle_bell kanabun kneeling large_breasts light_brown_hair looking_at_viewer multicolored_hair navel neck_bell nipples nude open_mouth oppai_loli orange_halo pussy raccoon_ears raccoon_girl raccoon_tail red_eyes short_hair skin_fang solo streaked_hair tail tearing_up tears thick_eyebrows variant_set wavy_eyes wavy_mouth white_border
 1girl animal_ears bare_shoulders between_legs black_thighhighs blush bow breasts brown_hair buttons closed_mouth commentary_request double-breasted dress ear_bow ear_covers frilled_dress frills garter_straps grass green_bow green_dress highres horse_ears horse_girl king_halo_(umamusume) long_hair looking_at_viewer medium_breasts on_ground outdoors parted_lips petticoat rain sitting solo tabunshake tearing_up thighhighs umamusume wariza wet wet_clothes wet_hair

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