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A ribbon that's colored white.

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 1girl absurdres aqua_eyes artist_name black_gloves black_ribbon black_skirt blonde_hair blue_background breasts chest_strap cleavage dokibird_(vtuber) fingerless_gloves frills gloves gradient_background hair_ribbon high-waist_skirt highres indie_virtual_youtuber neck_ribbon parted_lips ribbon shadow skirt solo twintails upper_body v virtual_youtuber white_ribbon white_sleeves xobevol
 ... 1girl blonde_hair blue_archive brown_eyes commentary_request hair_ribbon halo holding jacket long_sleeves medium_hair no_entity oekaki pink_background pink_skirt plaid plaid_skirt red_jacket ribbon school_uniform simple_background skirt spoken_ellipsis standing thighs twintails white_ribbon yellow_halo yoshimi_(blue_archive)
 1girl 2024 ahoge black_eyes blonde_hair blue_hair blue_wings bow character_name clenched_teeth dated dress dress_bow elbow_gloves english_text enna_alouette feathered_wings flat_chest flats floating floating_hair flower gloves gradient_background grey_background grin happy_birthday head_tilt head_wings heart highres long_hair looking_at_viewer multicolored_hair nijisanji nijisanji_en own_hands_together ribbon sanyue_xun sidelocks smile solo streaked_hair teeth virtual_youtuber white_dress white_flower white_gloves white_ribbon wings
 6+boys ahoge artist_name bindi black_gloves black_hanfu blindfold brown_hair chinese_clothes closed_eyes closed_mouth dizi facial_mark flute forehead_mark gloves hair_bun hand_on_another's_head hands_on_another's_face hanfu headband high_ponytail highres holding_another's_wrist hug instrument jin_guangyao jin_ling karmin kiss kissing_forehead lan_sizhui lan_wangji lan_xichen long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_another modao_zushi multiple_boys rabbit red_eyes red_tassel ribbon sash smile tassel transverse_flute wei_wuxian white_background white_hanfu white_headband white_ribbon wide_sleeves xiao_guan_(headdress) xiao_xingchen xue_yang yaoi
 1girl bare_shoulders black_hair blush box center_frills colored_inner_hair commentary_request expressionless frills gift gift_box gloves head_wings highres holding holding_gift looking_to_the_side mitsumi_misato multicolored_hair neck_ribbon original pink_eyes ribbon shirt short_hair sleeveless sleeveless_shirt snowing solo two-tone_hair upper_body white_gloves white_hair white_ribbon white_shirt white_wings wings
 1girl a.i._voice adachi_rei bags_under_eyes belt black_pantyhose black_shirt blank_stare closed_mouth empty_eyes feet_out_of_frame from_side grey_background grey_skirt hair_ribbon hand_in_pocket hand_up headphones highres hood hooded_jacket jacket long_sleeves looking_ahead neda_urara one_side_up open_clothes open_jacket orange_belt orange_eyes orange_hair pantyhose pleated_skirt profile ribbon shirt simple_background skirt solo standing utau white_jacket white_ribbon wide-eyed

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