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A man with long white hair. He wears dark clothing that exposes his chest and a long coat. His eyes, when seen up close, are revealed to have cat like slit pupils. He wields a long and thin sword called the Masamune. He is a major supporting character from Final_Fantasy_Vii and unlike what the first few hours of the game suggest, is the true main villain of the game

He was the finest member of the super soldier group SOLDIER and was a respected war hero, famed for his exceptional combat prowess. However, he had apparently passed away in a battle within a Mako reactor. Unfortunately for the rest of the world, he is still alive. The former hero had gone insane after he discovered the truth behind his origins: he was actually a biological experiment that combined a human fetus with tissue from a female alien being known as Jenova. Sephiroth comes to consider Jenova his mother and decides to finish what she started, a complete takeover of planet Earth with him ascending to godhood. To that end, he has decided to bring Jenova with him.

He became the most popular character of FFVII who wasn't part of the game's main party and director Kitase Yoshinori believes that he is one of the main reasons why FFVII became so popular. In a 2010 Famitsu poll, he ranked 21st in most popular video game character. This has contributed to him making numerous appearances outside of his home game, which include the Kingdom Hearts franchise and as a playable character in Ehrgeiz, and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

He has three theme songs, Those Chosen by the Planet, Birth of a God, and One Winged Angel, all of which are composed by Uematsu Nobuo. The last song became far and away the most popular of the three and quickly became his de facto theme, which plays in all of his subsequent appearances. It is notable for using a choir that chants Latin vocals, taken from Carmina Burana, with occasional shouts of his name.

He is named after the sepirot of the Tree of Life from the Kabbalah.

He was first voiced by Miki_Shinichiro in Ehrgeiz. From Kingdom_Hearts onwards, he was voiced by Morikawa_Toshiyuki. In English, he was first voiced by NSync singer Lance Bass in the original Kingdom Hearts, but was replaced by George Newbern in Kingdom Hearts 2. He played Sephiroth in all subsequent appearances until he was replaced by Tyler Hoechlin in Final Fantasy VII Remake. His latter two voice actors have both played Superman in their past careers.

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