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Tag type: Character

ベル (Beru)

A female character in Pokemon.

Known as Bianca in the Western world, she is one of the player character's two rivals, the other being Cheren_(Pokemon). She appears in Pokemon_BW and Pokemon_BW2, aging two years between the two games. If Bianca is wearing red-framed_eyewear, she is likely from the second games.

Bianca is characterized as a ditz. Her outfit generally consists of an orange hooded_jacket, green_headwear, a white_shirt, and a black_shirt. Her glasses will normally be associated with the following tags: red-framed_eyewear, under-rim_eyewear, and semi-rimless_eyewear.

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 beret bianca_(pokemon) black_hair blonde_hair blue_jacket blue_sleeves brown_hair cheren_(pokemon) clear_2758 closed_eyes commentary creatures_(company) doughnut_hair_bun drooling game_freak gen_5_pokemon green_hat hair_between_eyes hair_bun hat head_on_another's_shoulder highres holding holding_pokemon hugh_(pokemon) jacket leaning_on_person long_hair long_sleeves mouth_drool multiple_boys multiple_girls nate_(pokemon) nintendo oshawott partially_unzipped poke_ball_print pokemon pokemon_(creature) pokemon_bw2 raglan_sleeves red_jacket rosa_(pokemon) shirt short_hair short_sleeves sleeping sleeping_on_person sleeping_upright snivy tepig white_shirt zipper zipper_pull_tab
6+girls absurdres acerola_(pokemon) alola_mother arms_behind_back aurea_juniper ball_gag bdsm bea_(pokemon) belly bianca_(pokemon) bondage bound bound_arms bound_legs bound_wrists candice_(pokemon) clair_(pokemon) copyright_request cynthia_(pokemon) dawn_(pokemon) elesa_(pokemon) flannery_(pokemon) gag gagged gardenia_(pokemon) highres hilda_(pokemon) hogtie kahili_(pokemon) kris_(pokemon) lana_(pokemon) leaf_(pokemon) lillie_(pokemon) liza_(pokemon) lucy_(pokemon) lyra_(pokemon) mallow_(pokemon) may_(pokemon) maylene_(pokemon) midriff misty_(pokemon) multiple_girls non-web_source original phoebe_(pokemon) raya100 roxanne_(pokemon) sabrina_(pokemon) selene_(pokemon) serena_(pokemon) shibari skyla_(pokemon) whitney_(pokemon) zinnia_(pokemon)
 1boy 1girl absurdres ahoge bianca_(champion)_(pokemon) bianca_(pokemon) black_hair blonde_hair blue_eyes cheren_(champion)_(pokemon) cheren_(pokemon) clenched_hand creatures_(company) crossed_arms game_freak green_eyes green_hat hat highres looking_at_viewer nintendo official_alternate_costume pants pokemon pokemon_masters_ex red-framed_eyewear sadoseja854000 short_hair white_pants
 1boy 1girl ahoge alternate_costume argyle_clothes ascot beret bianca_(champion)_(pokemon) bianca_(pokemon) black_hair blonde_hair blush cape cheren_(champion)_(pokemon) cheren_(pokemon) closed_mouth commentary creatures_(company) ebi-chan_(tvyd2583) formal game_freak glasses gloves green_cape green_eyes green_hat green_jacket green_shirt hair_flaps hands_up hat highres jacket long_sleeves looking_at_viewer nintendo official_alternate_costume open_mouth pokemon pokemon_masters_ex purple_eyes red-framed_eyewear semi-rimless_eyewear shirt simple_background smile suit tie_clip white_background white_gloves
 4girls :o ;d @_@ age_comparison bag beret bianca_(pokemon) blonde_hair blue_eyes bow brown_hair character_name creatures_(company) double_bun dress dual_persona game_freak glasses green_bag green_eyes green_hat hair_bun hat hat_bow hilda_(pokemon) jacket long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_viewer multiple_girls nintendo one_eye_closed open_mouth orange_jacket orange_vest pokemon pokemon_bw pokemon_bw2 ponytail puffy_sleeves red-framed_eyewear rosa_(pokemon) shirt short_hair shoulder_bag smile sweatdrop twintails twitter_username upper_body vest white_bow white_dress white_shirt wusagi2
 1girl bianca_(pokemon) blonde_hair breasts commission creatures_(company) full_body game_freak green_eyes green_hat hat highres looking_at_viewer love_ball nintendo open_mouth pillow poke_ball pokemon pokemon_bw privcaller puffy_short_sleeves puffy_sleeves short_hair short_sleeves signature star-shaped_pillow star_(symbol) yellow_footwear

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