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A character in Maria-sama_ga_Miteru. She is part of the Chinensis family. Her most recognizable trait is her twin_drills.

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 00s 2girls arms_behind_back artist_request bare_arms bare_shoulders blue_bow blush bow breasts brown_eyes brown_hair collarbone drill_hair embarrassed female_focus fukuzawa_yumi groin hair_bow hair_ribbon looking_at_viewer looking_away looking_to_the_side maria-sama_ga_miteru matsudaira_touko multiple_girls navel neck nipples nude outdoors purple_eyes red_ribbon ribbon short_hair short_twintails shy small_breasts smile standing third-party_edit twintails v_arms
 00s 1girl black_footwear blunt_bangs brown_hair drill_hair full_body green_skirt hair_ribbon kaneko_botan long_skirt long_sleeves maria-sama_ga_miteru mary_janes matsudaira_touko pleated_skirt red_ribbon ribbon school_uniform serafuku shoes skirt skirt_hold socks solo twin_drills twintails walking white_socks
 00s 1girl anzo_tei bare_shoulders blunt_bangs brown_eyes brown_hair drill_hair from_side hair_ribbon looking_down maria-sama_ga_miteru matsudaira_touko profile ribbon simple_background solo twin_drills
 >:) 00s 1girl bad_id bad_pixiv_id blush brown_eyes brown_hair chana_gon cross cross_necklace drill_hair floral_background flower hair_ribbon holding jewelry long_sleeves lowres maria-sama_ga_miteru matsudaira_touko necklace petals pink_ribbon red_flower red_rose ribbon rosary rose rose_petals school_uniform serafuku solo twin_drills v-shaped_eyebrows
 00s 2girls bare_arms bare_shoulders black_dress blue_eyes bracelet brown_eyes brown_hair choker dress drill_hair flower fukuzawa_yumi holding_hands interlocked_fingers jewelry look-alike lying magukappu maria-sama_ga_miteru matsudaira_touko multiple_girls necklace on_back partner_look pendant petals pillow red_flower red_rose rosary rose sleeveless sleeveless_dress twin_drills twintails
 00s anger_vein comic greyscale hosokawa_kanako kairakuen_umenoka maria-sama_ga_miteru matsudaira_touko monochrome school_uniform shimazu_yoshino translation_request

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