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Any kind of footwear that has a brown color.

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 2boys autumn_leaves black_coat black_eyes boots brown_footwear brown_hair chengongzi123 coat dark-skinned_male dark_skin facial_hair falling_leaves full_body goatee_stubble golden_kamuy green_eyes grey_pants hat highres koito_otonoshin leaf long_sleeves looking_at_another looking_to_the_side male_focus military_hat military_uniform multiple_boys open_mouth pants shadow short_hair shouji simple_background sliding_doors stubble tsukishima_hajime uniform very_short_hair walking wide_shot yellow_background
 2girls :o absurdres aqua_eyes aqua_hair aqua_necktie arm_at_side artist_logo artist_name asymmetrical_bangs black_footwear black_ribbon black_shirt black_skirt black_sleeves black_thighhighs blush boots breasts brown_footwear capelet collared_shirt commentary cosplay costume_switch crossover detached_sleeves dot_nose english_commentary frieren frieren_(cosplay) full_body gold_trim grey_hair hair_between_eyes hairstyle_connection hand_up hands_up hatsune_miku hatsune_miku_(cosplay) heart highres lace lace-trimmed_shirt lace_trim long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_viewer medium_skirt milktuart multiple_girls nail_polish necktie neon_trim open_mouth pink_background pink_ribbon pleated_skirt ribbon shirt short_eyebrows sidelocks simple_background skirt sleeveless sleeveless_shirt small_breasts smile sousou_no_frieren sparkling_eyes standing straight_hair striped_clothes striped_shirt thick_eyebrows thigh_boots thighhighs twintails two-tone_ribbon two-tone_shirt very_long_hair vocaloid white_capelet white_shirt white_skirt yellow_nails zettai_ryouiki
 1girl ahoge arched_back black_gloves black_pants boots brown_footwear collared_shirt commentary_request creatures_(company) ear_piercing earrings game_freak genjitsu_o_miro gloves green_hair hands_on_floor highres jewelry long_hair looking_up nintendo pants piercing pokemon pokemon_sv ponytail red_eyes rika_(pokemon) shirt sleeves_rolled_up solo suspenders
 2boys backpack bag baseball_cap bicycle black_eyes black_hair blue_headwear brown_bag brown_footwear brown_hair chengongzi123 closed_mouth dark-skinned_male dark_skin facial_hair full_body gakuran goatee_stubble golden_kamuy green_pants grey_bag hands_up hat highres hood hooded_jacket jacket koito_otonoshin long_sleeves looking_at_viewer looking_to_the_side male_focus multiple_boys orange_background orange_jacket pants riding riding_bicycle school_uniform short_hair simple_background sitting stubble tsukishima_hajime very_short_hair
 2boys arm_up backpack bag baseball_cap black_eyes black_footwear black_hair blue_background blue_headwear blue_pants boots brown_footwear brown_shirt chengongzi123 dark-skinned_male dark_skin full_body golden_kamuy green_pants green_shirt grey_bag hand_on_own_head hands_up hat highres koito_otonoshin looking_to_the_side male_focus moped motor_vehicle multiple_boys open_mouth pants riding shirt simple_background sitting torn_clothes torn_pants torso_grab tsukishima_hajime
 2boys :3 blue_jacket brown_eyes brown_footwear brown_hair brown_jacket brown_pants chengongzi123 commentary deformed english_commentary full_body golden_kamuy hands_up highres hood hood_down hooded_jacket jacket kadokura_(golden_kamuy) long_sleeves looking_to_the_side male_focus multiple_boys open_mouth pants pushing_away shoes short_hair simple_background standing standing_on_one_leg undercut usami_tokishige very_short_hair white_background

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