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Tag type: General

An image that pays special attention to the scene/landscape, usually favoring it over any characters present. This usually includes all cityscapes, landscapes, etc, but as with all art there are some exceptions. Use your best judgment when tagging.

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 1girl absurdres black_hair black_jacket black_ribbon blazer brown_eyes closed_mouth collared_shirt commentary_request graduation grey_skirt guitar highres holding holding_instrument indoors instrument jacket k-on! kneehighs kotha_art long_hair music nakano_azusa neck_ribbon playing_instrument pleated_skirt ribbon sakuragaoka_high_school_uniform scenery school_uniform shirt sitting skirt socks solo sunset twintails white_shirt white_socks winter_uniform
 1girl 1other 2boys :d :| absurdres aerial_fireworks androgynous animal_ears armor artist_name black_eyes black_footwear black_jacket black_pants blue_hair blue_skin blush_stickers boots building cape child city closed_mouth colored_sclera colored_skin commentary_request deltarune dress expressionless facial_hair fangs ferris_wheel fireworks freckles from_below furry furry_female furry_male glasses goat_boy goat_ears goat_horns greaves green-framed_eyewear green_dress hand_on_own_chin highres horns jacket knee_boots kris_(deltarune) looking_ahead medium_hair multiple_boys mustache night night_sky on_roof open_mouth outdoors own_hands_together pants pink_scarf pink_skin pointing pointing_forward purple_cape purple_hair purple_pants purple_shirt ralsei round_eyewear scarf scenery shaded_face sharp_teeth shirt short_hair sitting skin_fangs sky sleeveless sleeveless_jacket smile standing susie_(deltarune) teeth watawata22 wide_shot yellow_sclera yellow_teeth
 1girl absurdres backpack bag black_jacket black_skirt bridge brown_footwear brown_hair building cat cloud commentary_request evening gradient_sky grass highres holding holding_stick house jacket long_sleeves orange_sky original pasoputi power_lines randoseru red_background road rural scenery school_uniform skirt sky socks star_(sky) stick sunset utility_pole walking white_socks
 absurdres building cat's_cradle cherry_blossoms commentary_request fantasy highres night original outdoors scenery sky skyscraper smile_(qd4nsvik) star_(sky) star_(symbol) starry_sky tree
 1girl animal brown_eyes brown_hair brown_pants cat commentary day expressionless flower from_side full_body hat highres holding holding_watering_can house leaf looking_ahead onoyama_(machikz1) orange_footwear original outdoors pants plant potted_plant profile scenery shirt shoes short_hair short_sleeves sneakers solo squatting sun_hat sunflower watering_can white_cat white_headwear white_shirt yellow_flower
 1girl animal_ears brown_eyes brown_hair cat chair commentary cup curtains cushion dappled_sunlight day door drinking_glass flower from_side green_footwear grey_shorts hair_bun half_updo hanging_plant highres holding holding_flower ivy jacket leaf on_chair onoyama_(machikz1) open_clothes open_jacket orange_jacket orange_socks original outdoors pet_door plant porch potted_plant rug scenery shelf shirt short_hair shorts single_hair_bun sitting slippers smile socks solo sunlight table vase white_shirt wide_shot window

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