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A giant, busty, dark-haired, and curvy woman who wears a form-fitting white gown and a wide black hat. She is a supporting character from Resident_Evil_Village and is notable for quickly becoming the most popular antagonist of said game and one of the most popular villains in the Resident Evil franchise as soon as she was revealed in previews.

She is an arrogant and ruthless Eastern European aristocrat who resides in a castle with her daughters. She is one of the Four Lords serving Mother Miranda and terrorizing the local populace, and is the closest thing to a vampire in the Resident Evil franchise. She is superhumanly tall, standing at 2.9 meters/9 feet 6 inches, so tall that she has to crouch down to go through her castle's doorways and even towering over other huge Resident Evil monsters like the Tyrants. Her physical strength and endurance also match her formidable height. In combat, she uses her fingers, which can turn into giant claws to slash and torture her enemies.

She is voiced by Maggie Robertson (Eng) and Inoue_Kikuko (JPN), who's playing a more twisted version of the mother characters she often plays.

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 1girl absurdres alcina_dimitrescu alcina_dimitrescu_(cosplay) breasts chainsaw_man cleavage cosplay curtsey dress flower gloves greyscale hat hat_flower highres jewelry large_breasts looking_at_viewer makima_(chainsaw_man) masoq monochrome necklace resident_evil resident_evil_village ringed_eyes scoop_neck sidelocks simple_background smile solo
 1girl absurdres alcina_dimitrescu black_gloves black_hair breasts cleavage dress flower gloves hat highres jewelry jimip large_breasts lipstick makeup necklace pale_skin pearl_necklace resident_evil rose short_hair smile solo sun_hat white_dress
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 2girls alcina_dimitrescu ascot black_flower black_rose bloodborne claws corsage earrings flower from_software gem hat hat_feather jewelry khessamaya lady_maria_of_the_astral_clocktower mature_female multiple_girls pale_skin pearl_earrings rakuyo_(bloodborne) resident_evil resident_evil_village rose sun_hat tall_female tricorne white_ascot white_hair
 1girl alcina_dimitrescu breasts cleavage cosplay dress eiken gloves hat huge_breasts large_hat long_hair looking_at_viewer misono_kirika open_mouth purple_eyes purple_hair resident_evil sitting smile solo v very_long_hair white_dress
 1girl 2021 alcina_dimitrescu bare_legs black_flower black_footwear black_gloves black_hair black_hat black_rose breasts cage capcom cigarette cigarette_holder claws cleavage close-up collarbone commentary dress earrings english_commentary evil_grin evil_smile female_focus flower full_body gloves glowing glowing_eyes grey_background grey_dress grin hand_on_own_hip hat high_heels highres holding holding_cigarette indoors jewelry large_breasts larisa_kolori long_dress long_sleeves looking_at_viewer machinery mature_female necklace pearl_necklace red_lips resident_evil resident_evil_village rose shadow short_hair simple_background smile smoke solo spotlight standing sun_hat swept_bangs tall_female tiptoes toon_(style) upper_body v-shaped_eyebrows vampire yellow_eyes

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