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The ultimate, ascended form of a Super Saiyan.

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 2boys black_hair blue_eyes blue_sash blue_wristband closed_mouth dougi dragon_ball dragon_ball_gt gogeta long_hair male_focus monkey_boy monkey_tail multiple_boys muscular muscular_male ommmyoh open_mouth pants red_fur saiyan sash smile son_goku spiked_hair super_saiyan super_saiyan_4 tail twitter_username yellow_pants
 1boy artist_name black_hair blue_sash body_fur catdestroyer cowboy_shot dragon_ball dragon_ball_gt highres long_hair looking_at_viewer male_focus monkey_tail muscular muscular_male pants red_fur red_tail sash signature simple_background solo son_goku spiked_hair super_saiyan super_saiyan_4 tail topless_male yellow_background yellow_eyes yellow_pants
 1boy absurdres biceps black_wristband blue_eyes blue_sash body_fur dragon_ball dragon_ball_gt gogeta highres looking_at_viewer male_focus metamoran_vest monkey_boy monkey_tail muscular muscular_male no_nipples pants pectorals red_hair relio_db318 sash simple_background smile solo spiked_hair super_saiyan super_saiyan_4 tail veins veiny_hands white_pants
 abs absurdres artist_name blood body_fur commentary crop_top dragon_ball dragon_ball_super earrings elite_nappa english_commentary fusion highres jewelry kefla_(dragon_ball) monkey_tail muscular muscular_female potara_earrings red_fur saiyan spiked_hair super_saiyan super_saiyan_4 tail torn_clothes
 abs absurdres baggy_pants black_vest blue_sash clenched_hand closed_mouth commentary_request dragon_ball dragon_ball_gt gogeta highres looking_at_viewer metamoran_vest monkey_boy monkey_tail muscular noir_illust pants pectorals red_hair sash smile spiked_hair super_saiyan super_saiyan_4 tail vest white_pants
 3boys aqua_eyes black_nails clenched_hand commentary dragon_ball dragon_ball_gt energy english_commentary fangs floating_clothes floating_hair glowing gogeta green_eyes highres looking_ahead male_focus metamoran_vest monkey_boy multiple_boys muscular muscular_male open_mouth red_fur red_hair red_tail rykun_dsz signature son_goku spiked_hair super_saiyan super_saiyan_4 sweatband tail twitter_username vegeta yellow_eyes

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