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This is a list of family relationships between at least two characters. They should be used with caution as some family relationships are revealed through spoilers.

parent and child
- father_and_son
- father_and_daughter
- mother_and_son
- mother_and_daughter
- brothers
- sisters
- brother_and_sister
multiple births
- twins
- triplets
- quadruplets
- sextuplets
- septuplets
grandparents and grandchildren
- grandmother_and_granddaughter
- grandmother_and_grandson
- grandfather_and_granddaughter
- grandfather_and_grandson
extended family
- aunt_and_niece
- aunt_and_nephew
- uncle_and_niece
- uncle_and_nephew
- cousins
- step-siblings
- step-sisters
- step-brother_and_step-sister
- step-mother_and_step-son
- husband_and_wife

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