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Images that have structures with a definitive architectural style.

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 1boy architecture black_shirt blue_sky brown_hair closed_eyes cloud cloudy_sky commentary_request danganronpa_(series) danganronpa_2:_goodbye_despair day fake_screenshot foliage guitar happy high_collar highres instrument jacket long_sleeves male_focus open_clothes open_jacket open_mouth outdoors outstretched_arms plant red_jacket shirt short_hair sky solo translated upper_body youko-shima yu-gi-oh! yu-gi-oh!_gx yuuki_juudai
 1girl absurdres architecture arm_support bare_shoulders black_thighhighs blush bracelet breasts china_dress chinese_clothes chinese_commentary cleavage cleavage_cutout closed_mouth clothing_cutout colored_eyelashes commentary convenient_censoring curvy dress east_asian_architecture eyes_visible_through_hair full_body garter_straps hand_on_own_thigh highres indoors jewelry large_breasts legs lips long_hair long_legs looking_at_viewer lying mountainous_horizon nail_polish night no_shoes on_side original parted_bangs red_dress red_eyes sample_watermark short_dress sidelocks single_thighhigh sky smile solo star_(sky) starry_sky thighhighs thighs very_long_hair water watermark wavy_hair white_hair window woodsbench
 1girl 9-nine- alternate_costume architecture armpit_crease bare_shoulders black_hair blue_bra blue_kimono blush bra breasts chestnut_mouth commentary_request day dutch_angle east_asian_architecture eyelashes eyes_visible_through_hair floral_print flower garden green_sash hair_between_eyes hair_flower hair_intakes hair_ornament hair_spread_out hands_up highres indoors izumi_tsubasu japanese_clothes kanzashi kimono long_sleeves looking_at_viewer lying official_art on_back on_floor parted_lips photo_(medium) red_eyes red_ribbon ribbon sash shiny_skin short_hair_with_long_locks sidelighting sidelocks small_breasts solo strap_slip sunlight tatami thighs underwear water_yoyo white_flower wide_sleeves yukata yuuki_noa
 1girl absurdres aerith_gainsborough architecture bare_shoulders bracelet breasts bridge brown_hair cleavage confetti dododo dress east_asian_architecture final_fantasy final_fantasy_vii final_fantasy_vii_remake fireworks flamenco_dress flower green_eyes hair_flower hair_ornament hand_up highres jewelry lantern long_dress long_hair medium_breasts necklace official_alternate_costume open_mouth outdoors paper_lantern parted_bangs ponytail red_dress red_flower sidelocks sleeveless sleeveless_dress smile solo star_(symbol) star_necklace strapless strapless_dress upper_body wavy_hair
 1boy 5tatsu alternate_costume architecture artist_name blurry blurry_background border east_asian_architecture facing_to_the_side final_fantasy final_fantasy_vii final_fantasy_vii_remake grey_hair highres japanese_clothes kimono long_bangs long_hair male_focus parted_bangs sephiroth snow solo straight_hair upper_body white_border white_kimono
 1girl absurdres architecture arm_armor autumn_leaves black_bodysuit black_gloves black_headband bodysuit breasts bridge bush chinese_commentary commentary courtyard cowboy_shot cup door dragon_print dutch_angle east_asian_architecture flower from_side gloves grass hair_intakes half-skirt headband high_ponytail highres leaf long_hair looking_at_viewer looking_to_the_side lotus lotus_leaf maple_leaf medium_breasts mole mole_under_eye official_alternate_costume pond pottery punishing:_gray_raven railing red_eyes red_hair rock shoulder_pads single_sidelock solo table tassel tile_roof tree vera:_garnet_(punishing:_gray_raven) vera_(punishing:_gray_raven) very_long_hair white_lotus window zhongyuanqing

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