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The act of preparing a dish by preparing ingredients, then using different heating methods to cook food into a huge variety of different dishes and meals.

Similar to cooking is baking, but many say that, "Cooking is an art, while baking is a science." Indeed, cooking is more free form and easy to play around with recipes.

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 2boys 2girls absurdres armor black_hair boots bow_(weapon) bowl brown_hair campfire cape cloak commentary_request cooking cooking_pot eating egg fantasy fire fish forest hat hat_feather helmet highres holding holding_bowl holding_spoon holding_staff knee_pads log long_hair multiple_boys multiple_girls nature original party pointy_ears short_hair shoulder_armor sitting sitting_on_log sonech spoon staff tree tricorne tunic weapon
 1boy :p animal_costume beard beard_ribbon bloominflowers blush braid braided_beard bread bulge collage cooking cropped_torso derivative_work dungeon_meshi dwarf facial_hair fake_horns food frog_costume full_body helmet holding holding_ladle horned_helmet horns ladle loaf_of_bread long_beard male_focus multiple_views mustache screenshot_redraw senshi_(dungeon_meshi) shy sparkling_aura tasting thick_mustache tongue tongue_out top-down_bottom-up very_long_beard wok
 1girl ahoge apron black_skirt black_vest blush breasts brown_eyes cooking dated food gloves hagikaze_(kancolle) holding holding_food kantai_collection kerchief kitagawa_mikio long_hair neck_ribbon one_side_up onigiri pleated_skirt purple_hair red_ribbon ribbon rice school_uniform shirt short_sleeves skirt smile solo table twitter_username vest white_gloves white_shirt
1girl :d apron bare_shoulders blunt_bangs breakfast card_(medium) character_name cooking day dress girlfriend_(kari) green_eyes indoors kiriyama_yuzuki leggings looking_at_viewer official_art open_mouth pink_apron purple_hair qp:flapper smile solo tagme white_dress white_leggings
 3girls apron blue_eyes brown_hair chinese_commentary closed_eyes cooking ebizuka_tomo frying_pan girls_band_cry grey_sweater hair_between_eyes highres iseri_nina long_hair_between_eyes mixed-language_commentary multicolored_hair multiple_girls occoon open_mouth photo-referenced red_eyes roots_(hair) rupa_(girls_band_cry) short_hair sleeves_past_elbows sparkle spatula sweater weibo_watermark white_apron white_background
 1boy bara beard biceps big_belly blonde_hair cooking cropped_legs facial_hair fat fat_man food from_side full_beard goldlewis_dickinson grin guilty_gear holding holding_spatula looking_at_viewer male_focus mature_male muscular muscular_male pectorals smile solo sparkle sparse_arm_hair sparse_chest_hair spatula standing steak sunglasses thick_beard thick_eyebrows topless_male tsurime zetta_aznec

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