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Tag type: General

挿入直前 事前

When vaginal or anal penetration is about to occur, but hasn't happened yet. This includes by sex, sex_toys, tentacles, fingering, or any other type of penetration.

When the shaft of the penis is on or rubbing the pussy use grinding, and when rubbing against ass use buttjob.

This tag is for nude characters, use dry_humping or buttjob_over_clothes for clothed situations.

Don't use this tag if you don't see penetration about to occur. Images like post #5680545 or post #6154578 shouldn't have this tag because penetration may be circumstantially implied, but isn't visibly about to occur.

If the penetration is non-consensual, tag imminent_rape as well.

See also

buttjob_over_clothes when clothed
* buttjob when nude

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