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古見 秀子

An adult woman who looks just like her daughter Komi_Shouko, but with short_hair. She is a supporting character from komi-san_wa_komyushou_desu. Prior to marrying her husband, she was known as Niima Shuuko. Following the general naming scheme of the series, her two names are puns with her name Niima meaning "new look," and Komi meaning "old look."

She is the mother of Shouko, but ironically acts the exact opposite of her daughter. Shuuko is a cheerful and extroverted woman who feels young at heart, often referring to herself as "17 years old." She is unique in the Komi household in that she is the only extroverted person in the family with her husband Masayoshi, son Shousuke, and daughter Shouko rarely speaking. This means that she effectively takes control of every conversation in the family by default. In spite of the personality differences, Shuuko loves her family and is understanding of their way of doing things.

She is voiced by Inoue_Kikuko, who is famous for playing characters with a maternal and gentle quality to them. Shuuko's habit of referring to herself as 17 also doubles as a meta joke for Inoue who has done the same joke in real life.

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