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Tag type: General

This tag indicates that the face of the subject is partially or completely in shadow.
The shade may be literal , as caused by obstruction of a light source (post #7205314), or metaphorical.
In the latter cases, the extent of shading is only the upper face or eyes, which can signify disgust (post #7028875), shyness (post #7032986), apprehension (post #7101201), cunning (post #7045909) or malicious intent (post #7190030).

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 ... 1girl ? ?? animalization bad_id bad_twitter_id bocchi_the_rock! chibi commentary_request confused detached_hair full_body garubegaru gotoh_hitori gotoh_hitori_(tsuchinoko) hair_ornament highres inactive_account jacket knee_up long_hair long_sleeves lying nervous_sweating no_eyes on_back open_mouth outstretched_arms pants person_and_animalization pink_hair pink_jacket pink_pants pink_track_suit shaded_face shoes solo spread_arms sweat track_jacket tsuchinoko white_background
 1girl alternate_eye_color aqua_hair aqua_necktie black_skirt black_sleeves black_thighhighs border collared_shirt creatures_(company) detached_arm detached_legs detached_sleeves dusk_ball frilled_skirt frills game_freak gen_4_pokemon ghost_hair_ornament ghost_miku_(project_voltage) glitch grey_background grey_shirt hair_between_eyes hatsune_miku highres jitome long_hair looking_at_viewer mismagius necktie nintendo op_na_yarou outline pale_skin poke_ball pokemon print_sleeves project_voltage shaded_face shirt sidelocks skirt sleeves_past_fingers sleeves_past_wrists thighhighs triangle_mouth twintails very_long_hair vocaloid white_border white_outline yellow_eyes
 agnes_tachyon_(umamusume) ahoge animal_ears black_necktie black_shirt bottle brown_hair cabinet chair chemical_structure coat collared_coat collared_shirt earrings hair_between_eyes hair_intakes head_rest holding holding_test_tube horse_ears horse_girl huge_ahoge jewelry lab_coat long_sleeves looking_at_viewer medium_hair necktie office_chair okimoto on_chair open_clothes open_coat paper red_eyes shaded_face shirt sidelocks single_earring sitting smile sweater swivel_chair tape test_tube umamusume white_coat wide_hips wolf_cut yellow_sweater
 2girls :d @_@ alternate_costume alternate_hairstyle bachi bad_id bad_twitter_id black_kimono blue_eyes blue_sash blunt_bangs bocchi_the_rock! braid closed_mouth commentary_request egasumi expressionless full_body garubegaru gotoh_hitori hair_between_eyes heart heart_in_mouth highres hiroi_kikuri holding holding_instrument inactive_account instrument japanese_clothes kimono long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_viewer multiple_girls music obi one_eye_covered open_mouth pillow pink_hair pink_kimono playing_instrument plectrum ponytail purple_eyes purple_hair sash shaded_face sharp_teeth single_braid sitting smile standing teeth
 2girls :o adapted_costume alternate_costume bad_id bad_twitter_id blue_background blue_eyes blue_jacket bocchi_the_rock! brown_dress brown_footwear chibi chinese_clothes copyright_name detached_sleeves dress floating garubegaru gotoh_hitori green_eyes hair_between_eyes hat hat_ornament heart heart_in_mouth highres inactive_account jacket jiangshi jiangshi_costume kita_ikuyo long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_viewer multiple_girls ofuda open_mouth outline outstretched_arms pants pink_hair pink_hat pink_jacket pink_pants qingdai_guanmao red_hair red_hat shaded_face shoes sleeves_past_fingers sleeves_past_wrists
 ... 1girl animalization bad_id bad_twitter_id blue_eyes bocchi_the_rock! brown_footwear chibi closed_mouth commentary_request full_body garubegaru gotoh_hitori gotoh_hitori_(tsuchinoko) hair_between_eyes highres inactive_account jacket knees_up long_hair long_sleeves looking_to_the_side one_side_up own_hands_together pants person_and_animalization photo_background pink_background pink_hair pink_jacket pink_pants pink_track_suit shaded_face shoes sitting solo stuffed_animal stuffed_toy track_jacket wavy_mouth

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