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饅頭(アズールレーン), 蛮啾

Manjuu are the small yellow chick-like creatures in Azur_Lane. The creatures are the logo and mascot of one of the [[Azur Lane developers, Shanghai Manjuu Network Technology Co., Ltd. (上海蛮啾网络科技有限公司), called "Manjuu" for short.


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 1girl absurdres ass azur_lane bar_soap black_choker blonde_hair blush breasts choker commentary_request completely_nude curry food hair_between_eyes highres huge_ass huge_breasts implacable_(azur_lane) implacable_(shepherd_of_the_"lost")_(azur_lane) jojo_xiuxian long_hair looking_at_another lying manjuu_(azur_lane) median_furrow mirror nail_polish narrow_waist nude on_floor red_eyes red_nails reflection solo steam steaming_body sweat tongue tongue_out top-down_bottom-up wet wide_hips
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