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Cables used to supply electric power directly to streetcars and electric trains.

Pantographs attached to the vehicles are used to transfer power from the cables to the vehicle.

Usually seen at train_stations, railroad_crossings and over railroad_tracks.

Not to be confused with power_lines, which are hung from utility_poles to transmit power from one place to another.

An example of overhead lines over the railroad tracks and power lines on both sides of the road: post #1128096.

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 1girl building headlight original overhead_line painting_(medium) pantograph railroad_crossing railroad_tracks scenery streetcar traditional_media watanabe_masato watercolor_(medium) window
 billboard city highres no_humans original overhead_line painting_(medium) pantograph power_lines railroad_tracks road road_sign sign street streetcar traditional_media traffic_light utility_pole watanabe_masato watercolor_(medium)
 arai_kogane english_text grey_background highres no_humans original overhead_line railroad_tracks simple_background train vehicle_focus
 blue_sky building city cloud cloudy_sky day didi_daisukedoi highres house morning motor_vehicle no_humans original overhead_line painting_(medium) road sky sunrise traditional_media utility_pole watercolor_(medium)
 1boy 2girls ahoge aisha_greyrat apron ascot bad_tag blonde_hair brother_and_sister chain-link_fence chocomi6517 cloak clothes_grab double_v eyebrows_hidden_by_hair family fence google_maps google_street_view green_cloak green_eyes grey_robe half-siblings high_school_girls_posing_for_google_street_view_(meme) highres long_bangs looking_at_viewer maid maid_apron meme multiple_girls mushoku_tensei norn_greyrat overhead_line photo_background raised_curb red_hair road_sign robe rudeus_greyrat siblings sidewalk sign sisters smile socks standing standing_on_one_leg v waist_ribbon white_apron white_ascot white_socks
 1girl abstract aqua_hair art_tools_in_frame blue_eyes collage commentary_request dress floating_hair flower foreshortening from_behind green_hair hair_ornament hand_up hatsune_miku highres honno_sukoshi_no_sayonara_(vocaloid) long_hair looking_at_viewer looking_back low_twintails masking_tape masking_tape_(medium) multicolored_hair newsprint_texture open_mouth overhead_line photo_(medium) ryono short_sleeves signature solo traditional_media twintails unconventional_media upper_body vocaloid white_dress worried

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