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Tag type: General

A head-mounted light. May also be mounted to a helmet or hardhat.

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headlight, a light on the front of a vehicle

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 2girls :3 a.i._voice adachi_rei ahoge closed_mouth drill_hair hair_ribbon headlamp heart holding_miniperson hyouenn jacket kasane_teto long_sleeves medium_hair mini_person minigirl multiple_girls one_side_up orange_eyes orange_hair radio_antenna red_eyes red_hair ribbon size_difference twin_drills upper_body utau white_jacket white_ribbon
1boy 1girl all_fours arm_up arms_at_sides boots chibi chibi_only clenched_hands drooling english_text flat_chest furrowed_brow gloves greyscale happy headlamp helmet hitting_ground jumpsuit lifebuoy long_sleeves monochrome motion_blur motion_lines octoling_boy octoling_girl octoling_player_character open_mouth orange_hair ri_(stackopamcake) saliva salmon_run_(splatoon) scared screaming short_hair sidelocks simple_background sketch smile speech_bubble splatoon_(series) splatoon_3 spot_color sweat swim_ring talking vest white_background
 2girls 2koma arm_up bags_under_eyes blurry blurry_background border comic constricted_pupils english_text female_focus gloves hands_up headlamp helmet holding holding_weapon inkling_girl inkling_player_character jumpsuit lifebuoy long_hair long_sleeves multiple_girls octoling_girl octoling_player_character open_mouth orange_hair outstretched_arm pointing pointy_ears rectangular_mouth ri_(stackopamcake) salmon_run_(splatoon) screenshot_background sidelocks sketch smallfry_(splatoon) speech_bubble splatoon_(series) splatoon_3 squiffer_(splatoon) standing sweat swim_ring talking two-handed upper_body vest weapon white_border
 2girls a.i._voice adachi_rei ahoge black_shirt buttons drill_hair embarrassed gloves grey_jacket hair_ribbon headlamp highres jacket kasane_teto kasane_teto_(sv) looking_at_viewer multiple_girls nanashi_(pos_t_0w0) open_clothes open_jacket orange_background orange_hair radio_antenna red_eyes red_hair ribbon shirt short_hair shoulder_belt smile synthesizer_v tongue twin_drills upper_body utau white_background white_gloves white_jacket white_ribbon
 1girl 25san a.i._voice adachi_rei bags_under_eyes belt black_background black_eyes black_gloves black_shirt black_shorts closed_mouth commentary disembodied_head empty_eyes expressionless gloves hair_between_eyes hair_ornament hair_ribbon hairclip headlamp headphones highres holding_head hood hood_down hooded_jacket hoodie horror_(theme) jacket one_side_up open_clothes open_hoodie orange_belt orange_eyes orange_hair ribbon shirt shorts solo symbol-only_commentary utau white_jacket white_ribbon
 2girls a.i._voice adachi_rei ahoge android arms_behind_back arrow_(symbol) bar_censor blush censored closed_mouth collarbone drill_hair flat_chest gradient_background hair_between_eyes hair_ribbon headlamp headphones jitome joints kasane_teto mechanical_hands mechanical_parts miri_(miri_1m) multiple_girls nipples one_side_up open_mouth orange_background orange_hair pussy pussy_juice pussy_juice_on_fingers radio_antenna red_eyes red_hair ribbon robot_joints sitting speech_bubble twin_drills utau wariza white_background white_ribbon wire yuri

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