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It is a third person shooter/survival horror game created by Capcom. It was released on March 24, 2023 for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, and Xbox Series X/S. It was directed by the same directing duo that handled Resident_Evil_2_(remake), Anpo Yasuhiro and Kadoi Kazunori with the latter focusing on the new game mechanics. The art was handled by Nakaoka_Hirofumi and the soundtrack was composed by Suzuki Kota. All of the characters are played by new voice actors except for Leon, played again by Nick Apostolides, and Ada Wong, played by Lily Gao who had previously played her in the Resident Evil Welcome to Raccoon City film adaptation.

The game takes a similar approach to the source material that the previous remakes did: following the main idea of the originals' plot, but altering many details, such as rewriting certain characters and scenes, adopting a grittier tone, and adapting the original's mechanics for contemporary consoles. As this game is adapting the installment that established the over the shoulder perspective as a series staple, the base gameplay is not as significantly altered. The main changes include the removal of the quick time events the original was known for so every action sequence in the game is fully playable and interactive. Knife combat is expanded so that players can now use the knife to parry other attacks, but the knife can also be damaged from overuse. Ashley's role in gameplay is reworked so that she stays with Leon's range, with only a few moments where she can be ordered to hide like the original game.

The game received a widely positive critical and fan reception much like its source. It sold 4 million copies within 2 weeks.


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