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It is a survival sandbox/action adventure game released on May 12, 2023 for the Nintendo_Switch. It was created by the same crew as the its predecessor, Breath of the Wild.

It is set a few years after BOTW. Link and Princess Zelda are exploring a cave beneath Hyrule Castle. The cave is the origin of a substance called Gloom, which has been making the people of Hyrule sick. As they reach the bottom, they find the source of the gloom, and the greatest threat to Hyrule, a mummified man once known as the Demon King. The mummy suddenly awakens and swiftly defeats Link, even though he's armed with the Master Sword, taking one of his arms. The mummy begins exerting a fraction of its true power by lifting Hyrule Castle into the air and in the ensuing chaos Link is separated from Zelda. When Link awakens, he finds that he's now on an island in the sky, and that a spirit named Rauru has grafted one of his arms to Link as a replacement. Rauru is a member of the long extinct but advanced Zonai race, and his arm gives Link new special abilities and make use of Zonai artifacts/technology. Link sets out to find Zelda and save Hyrule from this new threat.

Production on the game started in 2017 after its predecessor was released, and it originated as planned DLC for BOTW. However, the developers were coming up with so many new ideas that they felt that making a full sequel was the only way to do them justice. The developers spent the next few years crafting the game and essentially finished it by March 2022, but delayed a release for a full year to fine tune it.

The game expands on every aspect of BOTW. The prequel already had the largest map of the Zelda franchise, but this game adds two new maps on top of the original Hyrule map. Along with the increased size of the map, comes with many more new sidequests, making this installment the new longest Zelda game. The game goes further on the open world design with its new abilities: Ultrahand, Fuse, Ascend, Recall, and Autobuild. Players can use the first to life objects into the air or build new material, the second to combine objects with each other, the third to literally swim through solid objects, the fourth as a reversal mechanic, and the last as a way to quickly build previous designs the player has constructed. These new mechanics were made possible by a more complex physics system and make the game more open ended in both combat and puzzle solving. There is also more interaction with other NPCs as the player can, after they are unlocked, can summon Sages to assist them in their adventure. It includes more orchestrated tracks, which include instruments not typically used in Zelda scores such as the erhu and the saxophone.

The game was a massive success upon release, scoring virtually universal critical acclaim, and selling over 10 million copies within its first three days, making it the fastest selling Zelda game to date.



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