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Tag type: General

An image that uses a small number of distinct colors. Images fitting this tag use more than one color besides black and in more of the image than what would be considered spot_color. Likely to also be considered partially_colored.

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 1girl 43_pon closed_mouth expressionless floral_background flower hair_ribbon highres limited_palette long_hair looking_at_viewer original ribbon solo swept_bangs tulip upper_body
 1other artist_name black_background black_footwear commentary deltarune english_commentary english_text faceless full_body glitch grey_sweater heart limited_palette medium_hair niccillustrates shorts simple_background sleeves_past_wrists solo static striped_clothes striped_sweater sweater vessel_(deltarune) window_(computing) wingdings
 artist_name blue_sky border caustics closed_eyes colored_eyelashes commentary disembodied_eye english_commentary evening eye_focus foaming_waves half-closed_eyes limited_palette maruti_bitamin night night_sky no_humans no_pupils ocean original painting_(medium) red_eyes red_sun sky sparkle star_(sky) starry_sky sun sunset surreal traditional_media water watercolor_(medium) waving white_border
 1boy 2girls 2others axe basilew6 blood blood_bag blush_stickers deformed doodle_inset dot_nose fold-over_boots ghost green_eyes green_hair grid_background hair_ornament halo happy_halloween heart heterochromia highres holding holding_scissors holding_syringe limited_palette matching_outfits multiple_girls multiple_others original outline paw_shoes pink_eyes pink_outline purple_eyes scissors short_hair smear_frame syringe tail v-shaped_eyebrows white_hair x_hair_ornament
 1girl :3 absurdres animal_ear_hood animal_ears arm_at_side backpack bag black_dress black_footwear blunt_bangs blunt_ends boots bow cat_ears cat_tail commentary deformed doodle_inset dot_nose dress dress_bow fake_animal_ears finger_to_own_chin flower footwear_flower from_behind full_body green_hair green_pupils hair_bow hand_up highres hood hood_up hooded_dress knee_up limited_palette long_sleeves looking_back low_twintails medium_hair minase_bei orange_bow orange_eyes original puffy_long_sleeves puffy_sleeves sleeve_cuffs solo stuffed_animal stuffed_cat stuffed_toy symbol-only_commentary tail tail_bow tail_flower tail_ornament tareme tiptoes twintails white_flower white_tail wind
 animal animal_focus aqua_fur aqua_theme brown_tail closed_mouth commentary dissolving english_commentary from_side full_body highres inset_border instagram_username juli_artwork kelp limited_palette material_growth no_humans original outside_border profile realistic seal_(animal) solid_eyes solo_focus tiger

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