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A character or person depicted has red colored hair.

Not to be confused with what is known as "red hair" (ginger) in real life.

Due to the subjective nature of color judgment and other factors (such as the lighting on the characters) there is an overlap between this tag, the orange_hair, and the brown_hair tags.

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 arm_at_side bird blonde_hair blue_eyes blue_hair brown_hoodie brown_shirt check_commentary clenched_hand closed_mouth colored_inner_hair commentary_request cropped_torso diagonal_bangs dog doodle_inset dutch_angle glasses gradient_hair hair_ornament hairclip hairpin hand_up highres hood hoodie layered_sleeves light_blue_hair light_smile link!_like!_love_live! long_sleeves love_live! multicolored_hair multiple_hairpins nuko_kirisaki official_alternate_costume official_alternate_hairstyle open_hand open_mouth osawa_rurino parted_bangs penguin plaid plaid_shirt red_eyes red_hair shirt short_over_long_sleeves short_sleeves smile streaked_hair two-tone_background two-tone_hair v white-framed_eyewear white_hair x_hair_ornament yugiri_tsuzuri
 1girl animal_ear_fluff animal_ears bare_shoulders black_footwear black_gloves black_hair blue_bow bow breasts closed_mouth commentary_request dice_hair_ornament gloves hair_between_eyes hair_ornament hakos_baelz half_gloves highres hololive hololive_english kutata layered_sleeves long_sleeves medium_breasts mouse_ears mouse_tail mousetrap multicolored_hair navel pleated_skirt puffy_long_sleeves puffy_sleeves red_hair shoes short_over_long_sleeves short_sleeves single_glove skirt smile solo spikes standing standing_on_one_leg strapless tail tail_bow tail_ornament twintails twitter_username two-tone_background two-tone_hair virtual_youtuber white_background white_hair white_sleeves yellow_background
couple digimon digimon_xros_wars digimon_xros_wars:_toki_wo_kakeru_shounen_hunter-tachi hair_ornament hairclip highres hinomoto_akari kudou_taiki long_hair orange_eyes red_hair twintails
 1girl animal_ear_fluff animal_ears anus ass bare_arms bare_back bare_legs bare_shoulders barefoot black_hair breasts censored completely_nude dikko feet highres hololive looking_at_viewer looking_back mosaic_censoring multicolored_hair nipples nude ookami_mio pussy red_hair soles spread_anus tail tail_around_own_leg virtual_youtuber wolf_ears wolf_girl wolf_tail
 2girls absurdres black-framed_eyewear black_footwear black_pants black_socks blue_eyes blue_hair blue_shirt blue_skirt bound bound_arms brown_headwear brown_sweater_vest cabbie_hat collared_shirt commission from_side hat highres long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_another looking_down multiple_girls on_one_knee open_mouth original outstretched_arms pants pleated_skirt ponytail profile reaching red_eyes red_hair shirt short_hair short_sleeves sitting skeb_commission skirt socks sweater_vest tamafurin tearing_up two-tone_headwear yellow_headwear yellow_shirt
 1boy angry belt black_shirt body_writing cowboy_shot cracked_skin eyeliner facial_mark fishnets forehead_mark gaara_(naruto) grey_eyes hand_up highres looking_at_viewer makeup male_focus naruto naruto_(series) one_eye_covered parted_lips red_hair sand sash seungmo_kang shards shirt short_hair solo wide-eyed

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