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Tag type: General

This tag is used for clothing with a tiger-like texture (i.e. black marks of varying length on orange or yellow).

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 1girl animal_print armpits arms_up blonde_hair blush bow bowtie breasts chain closed_eyes dress fang flask full_body hair_ribbon highres horns ibuki_suika long_hair monolith_(suibou_souko) oni open_mouth panties print_panties red_bow red_bowtie ribbon sleeveless small_breasts smile solo striped_clothes striped_panties tiger_print touhou underwear upskirt
 1girl animal_print artist_name bikini blue_background boots brown_eyes chibi chibi_only closed_mouth cone_horns dot_mouth eyelashes from_side full_body green_hair highres horns hugging_own_legs knee_boots long_hair looking_at_viewer lum midiatamente outer_glow print_bikini print_footwear simple_background solo star_(symbol) swimsuit tiger_print urusei_yatsura yellow_bikini yellow_footwear
 2girls :3 akinaro all_fours animal_ears animal_print black_hair blue_shirt blush book captain_(kemono_friends) collared_shirt elbow_gloves fang garter_belt gloves hair_between_eyes height_difference highres kemono_friends multiple_girls necktie no_shoes open_mouth orange_eyes orange_hair pants plaid_clothes plaid_necktie plaid_skirt print_gloves print_thighhighs red_necktie red_skirt shirt short_hair short_sleeves sidelocks sitting skirt t-shirt tail thighhighs tiger_(kemono_friends) tiger_ears tiger_girl tiger_print tiger_tail translation_request white_pants white_shirt zettai_ryouiki
 2022 animal_collar animal_ears animal_hands animal_print baby bell breasts brown_hair chinese_zodiac claws collar doll elbow_gloves english_text fang full_body gloves green_eyes happy_new_year highres long_hair lying neck_bell new_year no_panties on_back open_mouth orange_background original paw_gloves petite reaching reaching_towards_viewer skindentation small_breasts tail thighhighs tiger_ears tiger_girl tiger_print tiger_tail twintails year_of_the_tiger yug_(ekaki)
 1girl animal_print ass bikini bikini_top_only blue_shorts chutohampa cone_horns denim denim_shorts dutch_angle from_behind highres horns long_hair looking_at_viewer lum nail_polish open_mouth pink_nails pointy_ears print_bikini short_shorts shorts sidelocks signature solo standing swimsuit tiger_print urusei_yatsura
 1girl animal_print aqua_hair bikini blue_hair boots bra breasts cleavage closed_eyes closed_mouth collarbone facing_viewer highres horns lab_coat lum midriff nimono_(nimono9292) non-web_source panties sitting smile swimsuit syringe tiger_print underwear urusei_yatsura

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