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A pinafore dress or jumper (US English) is a sleeveless, collarless dress intended to be worn over a blouse, shirt or sweater.

Not to be confused with an apron, which has no back, distinctively.

For jumper (UK English) see sweater.

Do not confuse this tag with suspender_skirt, high-waist_skirt, or skirt_set.

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 1girl absurdres akamine_yuuna azunyan black_dress black_thighhighs border dress grin hair_between_eyes hair_ornament hairclip hand_on_own_hip highres looking_at_viewer medium_dress pinafore_dress purple_background red_eyes red_hair sanshuu_middle_school_uniform school_uniform shirt short_hair short_sleeves sleeveless sleeveless_dress smile solo thighhighs white_border white_shirt yuuki_yuuna_wa_yuusha_de_aru yuusha_de_aru
 1girl alternate_costume ballpoint_pen_(medium) blood_on_mask collar commentary_request cosplay covered_face creature dress friday_the_13th full_body gloves hair_ribbon highres hino_(yatara) hockey_mask holding holding_creature holding_weapon jason_voorhees jason_voorhees_(cosplay) long_sleeves machete mask moni_moni_skeleton_(yatara) original pinafore_dress red_ribbon red_shirt ribbon shirt short_hair short_ponytail simple_background skull_mask sleeveless sleeveless_dress standing traditional_media weapon white_background yatara
 1girl ballpoint_pen_(medium) boots candy chibi coat_rack commentary_request dress food friday_the_13th full_body gloves greyscale hair_ribbon highres hino_(yatara) hockey_mask holding holding_mask humming jack-o'-lantern lollipop looking_at_another machete mask moni_moni_skeleton_(yatara) monochrome musical_note no_mouth original pinafore_dress red_ribbon red_shirt ribbon shirt short_hair simple_background skull_mask sleeveless sleeveless_dress solid_circle_eyes spoken_musical_note spot_color swirl_lollipop traditional_media unworn_capelet unworn_mask wrapped_candy yatara
 168admiral_(sunflower) 1girl :d absurdres black_dress black_horns black_ribbon black_tail black_wings blonde_hair blue_archive collared_shirt demon_girl demon_horns demon_tail demon_wings dot_nose dress fang hair_between_eyes hair_ribbon halo highres horns ibuki_(blue_archive) long_sleeves looking_at_viewer low_wings medium_hair neck_ribbon open_mouth pinafore_dress pleated_dress pointy_ears red_ribbon ribbon shirt skin_fang sleeveless sleeveless_dress smile solo tail upper_body waving white_background white_shirt wings yellow_eyes yellow_halo
 1boy 3girls absurdres arm_up black_dress black_ribbon blonde_hair bloomers blue_archive blush bobby_socks commentary demon_girl demon_horns demon_tail demon_wings doodle_sensei_(blue_archive) dress fang hair_ribbon halo highres horns ibuki_(blue_archive) iroha_(blue_archive) knees_up long_sleeves makoto_(blue_archive) multiple_girls neck_ribbon no_shoes notice_lines open_mouth pinafore_dress pointy_ears red_ribbon ribbon sensei_(blue_archive) shirt short_dress simple_background sitting skin_fang sleeveless sleeveless_dress socks solo_focus tail tsuyuurei_(tsuyu_rei13) twintails underwear white_background white_bloomers white_shirt white_socks wings yellow_eyes yellow_halo
 2girls antenna_hair apple balloon blunt_ends brown_hair cake candy chocolate_cake chocolate_fountain clothing_cutout dessert dress food fruit grapes heart heart-shaped_lollipop heart_balloon holding holding_food idolmaster idolmaster_cinderella_girls idolmaster_cinderella_girls_starlight_stage indoors kiwi_(fruit) lollipop long_hair looking_at_object maekawa_miku multiple_girls official_art pinafore_dress purple_dress red_dress shaped_lollipop shirt short_hair shoulder_cutout sleeveless sleeveless_dress sparkle stuffed_animal stuffed_toy teddy_bear tsujino_akari very_long_hair yellow_shirt

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