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Tag type: General

The act of biting one's own lip.

See also:
biting another's lip

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 1girl absurdres biting_own_lip black_hair black_panties camera_flash cellphone english_text grey_nails haysey highres jewelry looking_at_mirror mirror navel_piercing necklace panties persona persona_5 phone piercing selfie shirt short_hair smartphone smile solo takemi_tae thigh_gap thighs underwear
 1boy belt biting_own_lip black_background black_coat black_hair black_jacket bleeding blood blood_on_hands book brown_belt coat colored_skin curtained_hair dragalia_lost frilled_sleeves frills fukumitsu_(kirarirorustar) furrowed_brow glasses gradient_background grimace hair_over_one_eye headphones heinwald_(dragalia_lost) holding holding_book holding_staff hood hood_down hooded_coat jacket long_hair looking_ahead low_ponytail magic male_focus multicolored_hair multicolored_skin necktie open_book pince-nez purple_background red_eyes scar scar_across_eye shirt sidelocks solo staff stitched_face stitches sweatdrop two-tone_hair two-tone_skin upper_body white_hair white_necktie white_shirt
 1boy abs akutami_gege belt biting_own_lip black_hair blue_bodysuit bodysuit boxing_gloves brown_eyes collar collarbone cover gloves hair_slicked_back highres jujutsu_kaisen male_focus microphone one_eye_closed pointing pointing_at_viewer red_gloves short_hair sideburns smiley_belt_buckle smiley_face solo stitched_face stitches takaba_fumihiko teeth toned toned_male white_belt white_collar
 1girl bathroom biting_own_lip blue_eyes breasts bursting_breasts cleavage clothes_pull cosplay fujiwara_chika highres kaguya-sama_wa_kokurasetai_~tensai-tachi_no_renai_zunousen~ large_breasts legs long_hair looking_at_viewer one-piece_swimsuit one-piece_swimsuit_pull photo_(medium) pink_hair pulling_own_clothes red_lips solo swimsuit teasing thighs
 1boy 1girl ass biting_own_lip breasts brown_eyes brown_hair cleavage creatures_(company) delia_ketchum game_freak gen_1_pokemon gloves huge_ass jewelry large_breasts looking_back mature_female mr._mime necklace nintendo pokemon pokemon_(anime) pokemon_(creature) pokemon_sm_(anime) saltyxodium thick_thighs thighs wide_hips
 1girl alcohol arm_behind_head arm_up armpits artist_name beer beer_can belly bikini biting_own_lip black_bikini black_hair bootscoot breasts can day drink_can earrings elf-san_wa_yaserarenai. eyebrows eyelashes female_focus foot_out_of_frame hand_up holding holding_can horns huge_breasts jewelry knee_up looking_at_viewer lying medium_hair muscular muscular_female navel oga_(elf-san_wa_yaserarenai.) on_back oni outdoors parted_lips plump pointy_ears reclining sand skin-covered_horns solo swimsuit tall_female teeth yellow_eyes

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