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A blonde_haired young woman who ties her hair into twintails. She wears a blue hat, and has green eyes and notably has a perpetual cocky smile on her face. She is an indie_virtual_youtuber designed by klaeia.

Fitting her usual facial expression, she is a fun loving phantom thief. Dokibird is her code name, Maple is her real name. She has an agreement with authorities that she can only rob one bank/museum a year, so she makes money as an artist outside of her heists. Besides her art, she is exceptionally skilled at hero shooter games such as Apex Legends and Overwatch.

She debuted on May 4, 2020 on Twitch and was active until May 14, 2021, when she announced her graduation. During this period of her career, she spoke with a higher-pitched voice and had 8000 followers. After May 14, she disappeared until she announced that she was returning on February 5, 2024 and redebuted on February 7, 2024. She is notably more transparent than most vtubers about her past and hinted that her three year absence was because she had become a vtuber under an agency, but ended up leaving under emotionally traumatic circumstances. The fallout over her departure was still ongoing during her redebut, so she had to spend time resolving said issues alongside her return to streaming. She also speaks in deeper voice tone closer to how she spoke in her corporate identity. Her return came with a massive boost in subscribers and popularity, gaining over 500,000 subscribers on Youtube within a week of her comeback.




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 1girl absurdres ahoge aqua_shirt belt blonde_hair blue_eyes blush by_mirin crossed_bangs dog doki_amber_doge_(dokibird) dokibird_(vtuber) dokibird_(vtuber)_(bounty_hunter) dragoon_(dokibird) eyelashes fang green_eyes hair_between_eyes hair_intakes hair_ornament hairclip hairpin highres hugging_object indie_virtual_youtuber long_sleeves looking_at_viewer lying medium_hair non-web_source on_side open_mouth pillow pillow_hug self-upload shirt short_hair skin_fang smile solo upper_body virtual_youtuber
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