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A character or person depicted has black colored eyes.

Not to be confused with black_eye, which refers to a bruise around the eye.

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1boy 1girl black_eyes black_hair brother_and_sister digimon kamishiro_yuugo kamishiro_yuuko short_hair siblings
 1girl anchor anchor_symbol aqua_sailor_collar black_eyes black_hair dated furahata_gen hair_between_eyes hat highres hishaku murasa_minamitsu necktie palanquin_ship peaked_cap red_necktie sailor_collar sailor_shirt ship shirt short_hair short_sleeves shorts signature socks solo tongue tongue_out touhou watercraft white_headwear white_shirt white_shorts white_socks
2boys black_eyes black_hair dragon_ball dragon_ball_(classic) dragon_ball_(object) dragon_ball_gt happy looking_at_viewer multiple_boys red_wristband smile son_goku son_goku_jr. tagme
1girl age_difference black_eyes black_hair blush breasts censored cum cum_in_mouth doraemon facial female female_focus flat_chest hetero loli looking_up low_twintails medium_hair minamoto_shizuka nipples no_background nude penis shy sweat twintails
6+girls black_eyes brown_hair cheerleader chibi_maruko-chan glasses honami_tamae jougasaki_himeko jumping loli multiple_girls panties sasayama_kazuko sawai_(chibi_maruko-chan) tsuchihashi_toshiko uchida_keiko underwear
 1girl absurdres black_choker black_eyes black_hairband black_kimono blue_archive choker closed_mouth colored_inner_hair geta hairband halo highres holding_fireworks japanese_clothes kimono long_hair multicolored_hair obi pink_hair plana_(blue_archive) red_halo sash solo squatting thomason366 very_long_hair white_hair wide_sleeves

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