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Circle-shaped mouths of all sizes.
Only widely open mouths should use the open_mouth tag.

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 :o ^_^ animal_ears apple belt belt_buckle belt_collar blue_belt blue_eyes blue_hood blue_ribbon blush_stickers bubble buckle cape chibi closed_eyes collar color_guide colored_skin commentary_request covered_mouth disembodied_limb flower food from_behind fruit gear_print gloves kananishi kirby kirby_(series) magolor multiple_views nintendo no_humans notice_lines open_mouth outstretched_arms own_hands_clasped own_hands_together pink_skin red_flower red_footwear red_tulip ribbon scarf shoes simple_background smile solid_oval_eyes tiptoes tulip white_background white_cape white_gloves white_scarf yellow_eyes
 2girls :3 :o animal_ear_headphones animal_ears black_skirt black_thighhighs blonde_hair blue_archive blue_necktie blush bow cat_ear_headphones cat_tail coat collared_shirt commentary fake_animal_ears fake_tail frilled_skirt frills green_bow green_eyes green_halo hair_bow halo hand_up headphones high_speed_gensou_chuun highres long_sleeves looking_at_viewer low-tied_sidelocks midori_(blue_archive) momoi_(blue_archive) multiple_girls necktie off_shoulder open_clothes open_coat open_mouth pink_eyes pink_halo pleated_skirt red_bow shirt shirt_tucked_in short_hair siblings sisters skirt sleeves_past_fingers sleeves_past_wrists smile suspenders symbol-only_commentary tail thighhighs twins v-shaped_eyebrows white_coat white_shirt wide_sleeves wing_collar zoom_layer
 1girl :o aged_down artist_name character_name collared_dress dress falling_petals flower green_eyes hairband looking_at_viewer medium_hair orange_flower orange_hair orange_ribbon petals portrait reverse:1999 ribbon solo sonetto_(reverse:1999) two_side_up weibo_logo weibo_username white_background white_dress white_hairband xiao_xiong_keke_aoi
 1girl :o animal_ear_fluff animal_ears bare_legs bare_shoulders black_eyes black_hair blunt_bangs breasts brown_hair collarbone commentary criss-cross_halter extra_ears halterneck highres kemono_friends medium_breasts multicolored_hair off-shoulder_shirt off_shoulder open_mouth pink_shirt ponytail sable_(kemono_friends) scrunchie shirt shorts solo tail tanabe_(fueisei) white_hair white_shorts wrist_scrunchie
 1girl :o absurdres arknights bare_legs bare_shoulders black_footwear black_gloves black_jacket black_shirt black_shorts commentary drop_shadow feather_hair full_body fur-trimmed_jacket fur_trim gloves highres jacket kitou_saji la_pluma_(arknights) legs_up looking_at_viewer purple_eyes sample_watermark sandals scythe shadow shirt short_hair shorts simple_background solo thigh_strap watermark white_background
 2girls :o arms_up bell blonde_hair blush bow brown_eyes christmas christmas_ornaments christmas_tree commentary_request dress fur-trimmed_dress fur-trimmed_sleeves fur_trim gift grey_hair hair_flaps hair_ornament hairclip hat holding holding_gift idolmaster idolmaster_cinderella_girls indoors koshimizu_sachiko long_hair long_sleeves mochizuki_hijiri multiple_girls off-shoulder_dress off_shoulder open_mouth profile red_bow red_dress red_eyes red_headwear santa_costume santa_hat very_long_hair yukie_(kusaka_shi)

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