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Tag type: General

A smiley which signifies that character has his/her eyes really shut, especially as a result of being filled with glee.

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 &gt;_&lt; 2girls animal_ears blush choker fingerless_gloves flying_sweatdrops gloves grabbing grabbing_another&#039;s_breast grabbing_another's_breast greyscale guided_breast_grab guiding_hand hakui_koyori highres hololive hzy_ka kazama_iroha long_hair long_sleeves monochrome multiple_girls parted_lips smile spot_color tail tail_wagging virtual_youtuber wolf_ears wolf_girl wolf_tail yuri
 &gt;_&lt; 2girls animal_ears arrow_(symbol) blush hakui_koyori hickey highres hololive hzy_ka kazama_iroha long_hair looking_at_another multiple_girls open_clothes open_shirt smile squiggle translation_request under_covers virtual_youtuber waking_up wolf_ears yuri
 &gt;_&lt; 2boys artist_name barefoot basil_(headspace)_(omori) basil_(omori) black_eyes black_hair black_socks black_tank_top blue_overalls colored_skin flower food fruit green_hair green_shirt head_wreath highres holding holding_knife knife maromichan minecraft multiple_boys omori omori_(omori) overall_shorts overalls shirt short_hair short_sleeves simple_background socks tank_top twitter_username watermelon watermelon_slice white_background white_skin
 &gt;_&lt; 6+girls :3 :d :o ;) ^_^ afterimage ahoge anyoji_hime aqua_eyes aqua_hair aqua_neckerchief black_hair black_ribbon blonde_hair blue_hair blue_ribbon blunt_bangs blunt_ends blush blush_stickers bob_cut braid brown_hair center-flap_bangs chibi chibi_inset closed_eyes closed_mouth collarbone commentary cropped_head cropped_torso crossed_bangs dark_blue_hair diagonal_bangs dress embarrassed expressive_hair fang flower flower_knot flying_sweatdrops fujishima_megumi gradient_hair green_eyes grey_hair hair_flower hair_ornament hair_ribbon hands_framing_own_cheeks hashtag-only_commentary hasu_no_sora_school_uniform heart heart_hair heart_hands hinoshita_kaho inverted_bob kachimachi_kosuzu link!_like!_love_live! long_hair love_live! low_twintails medium_hair momose_ginko moso_(expect66) multi-tied_hair multicolored_hair multiple_girls murano_sayaka neckerchief nose_blush one_eye_closed open_mouth orange_hair osawa_rurino otomune_kozue parted_bangs pink_eyes pink_flower pink_hair ponytail puffy_short_sleeves puffy_sleeves purple_eyes rabbit_hair_ornament rayman_limbs red_hair ribbon sailor_collar sailor_dress school_uniform short_hair short_sleeves side_ahoge side_braids sidelocks simple_background smile star_(symbol) star_hair_ornament streaked_hair summer_uniform swept_bangs teeth twintails two_side_up upper_teeth_only virtual_youtuber white_background white_dress white_flower white_sailor_collar x3 yugiri_tsuzuri
 &gt;_&lt; 3girls :d ahoge arm_up blank_eyes blush cardigan commentary_request emphasis_lines gakuen_idolmaster hair_bun hanami_ume hatsuboshi_gakuen_school_uniform highres idolmaster kuramoto_china multiple_girls open_mouth out_of_frame pink_cardigan purin_a_la_mode_(popup) school_uniform shinosawa_hiro shirt shouting single_side_bun sliding_doors smile speech_bubble sweatdrop translation_request upper_body walk-in white_shirt xd
 &gt;_&lt; 1girl animal_ear_fluff animal_ears black_jacket blue_archive blue_flower blue_necktie blue_ribbon blush car cat_ears chibi choro-q collarbone commentary_request fang flower hair_ribbon halo highres jacket kamaboko50r long_hair motor_vehicle necktie open_mouth pink_flower red_flower ribbon serika_(blue_archive) shadow shirt skin_fang smile solo toyota toyota_celica toyota_celica_t160 twintails vehicle_focus very_long_hair white_car white_shirt

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